Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taking Care

5 out of the 9 of these little monkeys are mine. They are all adorable. I love them all to pieces. I want them to keep growing strong and healthy and free from all the disease in the world. Problem is....they are making choices. One of them even drives. Many of the others have bikes and can ride to the store themselves with their very own money.

What that means is that I don't have control. They are going to buy treats. They are going to go to lunch at fast food places. They are going to break all the food rules I have at one time or another. That is just the honest truth.

I have been thinking about that today and wondering what my defense will be. How will I counteract that? 

Two things:


I was talking with a mom today with two very young children. She was talking about this lingering cough the 2-year-old had , his rounds of antibiotics and confusion over what to do. She was tired of always being in the Dr.'s office. It reminded me of my early days with my first child. I did the same thing. I didn't know what to do and I relied on the Dr. for all the info regarding this child's health. Boy have I come a long way. I have been "educated" and my children have been greatly blessed for it. The antibiotics stopped with the first one and my eyes were opened from that point on. I want to do all in my power to shed all the light and knowledge I have  upon my children so they will make good choices because they realize it is what they need to do for their body; not what their mom wants them to do.

I had to chuckle inside the other night when I was talking to my son about some acne on his teenage face. I was telling him we should do a liver cleanse to help clear it up a bit and he said,

    "It is just because I ate real bad this weekend; my acne is related to what I eat."

Why this is so funny is because I have told this to him for years and he wouldn't believe me at all. Now, it was like it was his idea! The brainwashing is working.

Now onto overcompensating. I am going to fill them to the brim with all the fighting power of nutrients I can while they are in my grasps each day. I will arm them with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals so when they are chugging down the illegal 32 oz or dish of fast food Orange chicken, they will be armed to get it out of their system. 

I love the smoothies as you know and do them pretty regularly in the morning but after really reading the "Green Smoothie Diet", I am committing to morning and night green smoothies and as much raw goodness in between. It is my defense system. I just finished reading this book and every one really should read it. It is full of information that makes you want to change your life to eating better and downing the green drinks. Thanks Green Smoothie Girl! It is the best $10-$12 dollar purchase you will make this week. Check out Amazon for the best deals out there. See my previous smoothie post for a link.

I am amazed at how many children are allowed to not eat their veggies. It is truly an act of love to make them eat those greens. They will learn to like them but only if you persist. 

I had my grandparents over last night and served a big salad with our pasta. My grandfather is 89 and still will hardly eat a veggie. My grandmother told my mother today that she was amazed that all my children ate salad, like it was some Christmas miracle. 

Be the mean mom and make them eat what is on their plate. 

If you also have a problem getting down the veggies, take the Green Smoothie challenge: 30 days of 1 full quart of green smoothie daily. You can drink it anytime during the day but you must drink it all. After the 3o days, see the difference in your life. Use all different sorts of produce with at least 50 percent veggies. No sugar. For the kids, 1 pint a day will work. 

The new year is coming. Time to reevaluate and change the paths of life. Arm the kids with fighting power and knowledge. Arm yourself with energy and vitality. What better thing is there? 

Say no to drugs. Say yes to greens. 


Mark & Ashley said...

The salad thing amuses me. We had the missionaries over one night after dinner and my THREE YEAR OLD interrupted our conversation asking for SALAD. She got it out herself, picked her toppings, ate it happily, and even cleaned up after herself. They were SHOCKED, #1 that a 3 year old ASKS for salad, and #2 that she cleaned up after herself without being told. They joked that it took them until their missions to learn those things and they still struggle with it. :)

Kristen's Raw said...

Great post n you're a great mom!

Melody - Onesies said...

Love this post! A happy holiday shopping season to you.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would share what we like with our green smoothies. I found GSG on the web in October and we have been drinking them since. I tried different sweeteners like honey, agave, xylitol. None that we liked the taste of. I happened to see some organic carrot juice at Costco and thought how juice companies hide carrot juice in some of the juices. So we tried it and we love the taste of our green smoothies. It sweetens it just enough with extra nutrition and with the natural sweetness of the carrots. As with the spinach you can't taste it - I promise or else my kids wouldn't drink it. I use 1/2 part water and 1/2 part carrot juice. You should try it.