Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Costco Organics

I have been trying so hard to do the full Costco sweep of deals and write down every single great organic item to buy in that store. But....there is always that time issue. I have yet to find the moment to actually stroll through the store, combing each and every isle. It is usually a mad dash attempt to stock up before picking up a child from a certain activity. Thanks to my friend April, she sent me a list of some of her favorite buys (mine too) and I added a few of mine along with it:

Euro Fresh Roma Plum tomatoes...4.99
"                 " Campari tomatoes......5.79

In the cold section

Euro Fresh mini cucumbers....4.79 
Euro Fresh seedless cucumbers the big ones...3.99
Earthbound farm apple slices in a bag...organic.....6.99
Organic Petite Heirloom lettuce 3 pack 3.49
Organic spinach .....3.49
Organic spring mix....3.79

In the freezer section 

Organice edamame, carrots, corn blend ...9.89
Organic supersweet white corn.....5.19
Organic petite whole green beans....5.59

Organic sweet peas......price?

Organic corn chips, GMO free: $4.70?
Trio Bars, on sale this week for just under $12
Organic Apples: prices vary

Lunch meat, not organic but nitrate free and preservative free: Kirkland whole turkey breast: varies by weight. 

If you see any great deals out there, pass them on! 


kami said...

I heard that there is KerryGold butter at the Costco on Baseline and Country Club - I looked at the one on Sossamon and couldn't find it but it is supposedly priced better than Trader Joe's and is a seasonal item. I'm going to go try to get some this week and I'll let you know the price!

sara said...

I'm a new Costco shopper and LOVE their organic selection! I have a big list compiled-here's a few
4lbs bag frozen organic broccoli $5.99
1lb container organic vegetable seasoning spice $5.99
1.5 liter organic extra virgin, cold pressed, olive oil $9.69 (this beat out a lot of more expensive oils in testing!)
6lbs turbinado sugar $7.69

Here's a comparison list I did between Costco and Meijer
On Thursday I'll be posting my last shopping trip to Costco-and I'm going to include all the prices I paid :)

Shari Goodman said...


Which Costco? I haven't seen the sugar before.
Thanks for sharing! Keep me posted, Kami, on the butter!

sara said...

Shari-the turbinado sugar was NOT in the baking isle! I missed it on my first trip, but then my sister said she had seen it at our store (west Michigan), so my next trip I kept an eye for it and I 'think' it was in the cereal isle, like by jam/peanut butter-but I could be wrong, I just know it was not with the other sugar.

That's one thing I don't like about Costco-there seems to be no rhyme or reason for where they put stuff-it took me forever to find the big tubs of yogurt because they weren't by the other yogurts, and the string cheese is not by the other cheeses....go figure!
But-that's my only complaint, otherwise they're awesome :)

Oh-they do have their brand of organic butter 2lbs for $6.89

Marie said...

KerryGold Butter is at the Country Club and Baseline Costco for $7.99 (3-8 oz. bars)It's on and end cap kind of by the butcher. (Not by the other butter:)

Heidi said...

Thank you for posting this!

Marie said...

Oh- and they have organic Quinoa (Bob's Red Mill) 4 lbs for $9.49 and Grapeseed Oil, 2 Liters for $6.99

kami said...

Oh yes, I love the Quinoa. They also have Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice for like $10 (12 pounds). Maybe it's $13? Either way, good price. I haven't seen the sugar at our Costco either but I know my sister-in-law can get it at her Costco in Utah. Do you think if we asked them to carry certain items they would?

Annabeth said...

do you have their organic disney animal crackers listed? =)
8.99 for a big tub, I think
I think they also sell little juice boxes that are organic. I don't know the price, but I do need to go buy some!