Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There must be something in the water because it seems like 1/2 of my emails lately have been on what to take when pregnant. Taking a high quality prenatal is so important to that little soul along with eating a diet high in vitamins and free of garbage. In addition, taking an additional methyl folate supplement is also very important as folate is what is needed for cellular formation. They are finding that many children on the spectrum are very low in folate. In addition, birth defects are reduced by about %50 if women who 
take the recommended daily folate dosage. Women who don't take enough also have an increased rate of miscarriages and still births. Anemia can also be caused by folate deficiency and can cause the mom to be to be a big grumpy and edgy. (Never had that happen before!)

    I called New Beginnings lab whom I trust for their choice in supplements. They use the pure ingredients, free from fillers and of top quality. They don't sell a prenatal so their recommendation is unbiased. They recommend a prenatal by Pure Essence labs called "Mother to Be". You can find it at Amazon:

     The folate I recommend is Methyl Folate by New Beginnings which I can order for $26. It comes with 120 tablets so taking one daily, it will last you 4 months. 

    As far as the morning sickness that can come with this little bun in the oven....taking B6, B12 and ginger have been found to be very helpful. It isn't always the magic solution but for many, it does the trick. 

B6 is $6 for 100 tabs
B12 in liquid form is $35

Congratulations my pregnant mamas! Take care of that little baby. 



Anonymous said...

Any advice for improving your milk supply?

Shari Goodman said...

Brewers yeast is great as it contains good B vitamins. It has worked for me a few times.