Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keeping Private , Private.

Many of us live in this bubble of a world where we think nothing is going to happen to us. However, truth is, it does and it happens everyday. You need to be careful out there with keeping your private info private and that means taking a few precautions. Yes, if someone is really wanting to find you, they probably will but there are ways to make it a little harder.

    First, taking photos with your smart phones and putting them on facebook can tell someone exactly where that picture was taken. So, take a picture of your child at school, blog about how cute they are by name and post it.  Bam! You just gave someone your child's name and school where they can be picked up at. Also, whatever info you put out there on the internet is out there forever so watch what you say and what you post. This is especially true for our teenagers who will have employers checking out there facebook account.

     Another new website that is scary as can be is Spokeo.com. Go check it out and type in your name. It will tell your address, phone number, age, price of house, income , satellite view of your house and any photos you have posted to facebook. Take a look. It will freak you out. You can remove yourself from this list by copying the http code up top and clicking on privacy at the very end of the Spokeo website. It will tell you what to do from there. I know there are other sites like this but this is one of the more detailed ones I have seen. 

     Another thing that amazes me is when people post pictures on their blogs of their naked children. Sure, a newborn is cute but any child older than that is material for pedophile sites. Happened to a friend of mine. She found some weird link from her blog and when she clicked on it, she found a pedophile site and her child was right there on the page, in his birthday suit. Real stuff.

     Be careful. This is a new age of media and we need to safeguard our children. Educate your teens so they won't end up with a lifetime of a mess to deal with from dumb things they posted. Or, even scarier, ending up with a creep at their doorstep looking for them. 

     Can we just go back to the 50's please? Yikes.


DK said...


You constantly amaze me! I love your boldness and courage. I too agree with all you have said and try to discourage anyone, especially my children from putting private info on the web. Thank you for this post.

sara said...

Good reminder. I don't have pictures of my kids on my blog for this very reason.

Kelli Brown said...

All the more reason to have a private blog if you are going to post anything about your family. Invited friends and family only!

Christi said...

Am I too late to order some allergy pills? My poor daughter is constantly sneezy and runny. It just barely occured to me that it is probably allergies. I've never had them, so I haven't been quick to recognize it.

Jenson Family said...

Crazy Spokeo! I totally checked it out and deleted all of the entries that were linked to my hubby and I. Insane! Thanks for the tip!

Shari Goodman said...


I will have a couple extra's so email asap so I can reserve one for you. I should have them Wed. or Thursday.

Health Seeker's Kitchen said...

Great post. Thank you for the warning to all of us:)