Monday, January 17, 2011


One of the blessings from writing this blog is that I have met many women who have become my friends and who have inspired me in many ways. There are so many amazing ladies out there trying there hardest to be mothers and wives. Women who don't take the easy roads and strive daily to be better. I love the emails, I love the stories. I started this blog merely as a way to share what I learn about homemaking but never expected what I would get in return. I am blessed for it. 

Tonight I am feeling especially blessed as I talked with a very sweet friend I gained from my blogging life.
I met sweet Annabeth at the beginning of my blogging career. I instantly felt she was a kindred spirit with me. She is a lady of pure quality and leads a life of beauty and dedication. She is an amazing mother and wife who is completely dedicated in all she does. Tonight, my heart aches for her.

When I returned home from a day out in the mountains with my kids, I decided to get any messages of my cell phone since I had it off since Saturday. The message I received from Annabeth immediately made the tears flow and my heart break.

I had been at Annabeth's house on Friday. Her sweet little Abigail, her little baby girl, had RSV and had been sick for almost two weeks. Annabeth, although she had slept very little in those weeks, wore a smile and had the usual spunk I have always seen her with. She never complains but she was concerned for this little one. 

Her message to me came as a shock. The next morning after I saw her, she noticed a lump on her little ones neck. She went to the ER and was sent to a special children's hospital. The news came; Abigail has stage 4 cancer filling her little body. She asked for prayers.

How could this be? Why? All those questions filled my head and the tears flowed. I called her home and then called the hospital in hopes of giving her any comfort I could.

The amazing part was that after I finished my phone call with her, she was the one who comforted me. I hung up feeling peaceful and thankful. THANKFUL. How can you feel thankful when you receive news that a child, so tiny, is suffering such a terrible disease.

Thankful is what Annabeth was. She told me that sure, she cried her eyes out and prayed out her soul but the peace came to her and she started to think of all the blessings she has had in her life and in Abigails behalf. She feels amazing peace and she gave that to me.

I have been thinking about Annabeth since and her sweet Abigail. How can Annabeth be so at peace? She knows what lies ahead and the extreme trials she and her family will be going through. However, she has lived her life in a way that she has the strength she needs and has trust in the Lord that He will carry her when she can't go any further. 

She is a testimony to me that we must be at a place in our lives where we will be prepared for the trials that will come. There is no doubt that they will. Guaranteed. We need to be able to not only get through them but to rise to the challenge and triumph.  

In addition, we need angel women around us to be there when we need to be picked up and carried. My goal this year has been to reach beyond and see beyond myself. I am trying so hard to be thinking of others and to really know there needs. The ironic thing about this goal is that by thinking of others and trying to serve them, I am the one who is being lifted up. 

I am thankful for women. I am thankful for their strength. There are so many powerful examples in my life and I am thankful for you all.

Please, my sisters, pray for sweet Abigail and Annabeth. Pray for their continued peace. My very first thought when I heard her message was, if anyone can handle this, Annabeth can. I want to be like her. 

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Shea said...

Thank you so much for sharing that. I will keep them in my prayers.