Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is This in Your Pantry?

Fruit Roll Ups "Electric Blue": Ingredients

Corn Syrup
Dried corn syrup
partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil
citric acid
sodium citrate
distilled monoglycerides
malic acid
vitamin C
acetylated mono & diglycerides
natural and artificial flavors
color red 40, yellow 5 blue 1 and red 3

Hello! Is this even legal! Where is the food in this food product! And... we let our children eat this?! May as well go let them drink some battery acid in the garage.


Laurie said...

I've been meaning to ask you - since high fructose corn syrup is bad is regular old corn syrup just as bad? Should we be avoiding it also?

Melissa said...

There are some really tasty fruit roll ups at Sprouts that are made with - guess what? - real dried fruit. And they taste better too!

Shari Goodman said...

Corn syrup is better than high fructose because it is not processed as much but still is much worse than sugar. I love the fruit roll ups from sprouts, they are Fruitabu and I eat them all of the time! I do miss the red dye no 2 though! Kidding of course.

wendilee said...

Your class was so awesome today. I learned so much. I went right home and looked at all the ingredents of the snacks I had in my pantry. I feel bad that I was feeding that to my two year old. I will be reading lots of ingredents from now on. Thanks for all the great information.

Jill said...

Your class was full of good information. I am now on the look for a good deal on the yogurt maker. I loved you granola, too. Thanks for putting all the recipes together. I will be use them.

Kerri said...

Shari, thank you for having your class this morning. I love being reminded of how we can better feed our families. I also love getting the recipes from you, they are always yummy, and of course healthy too!! Thanks for taking the time to meet with us!

Cindy Thomas said...
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