Sunday, March 16, 2008

National Take a Break From Blogging Week

It is a beautiful spring break week and I am proposing a little break from the blog world. It has been fun to reconnect with all the old friends and to make the new friends, but as you all know, blogging can be very addicting. The kids are home all week and I think we should all go outside and play with them. In between strolls in the park, we can make good use of our time by cleaning out a cupboard or two and trying out some new recipes! So, for those who want to join me, make it a no blog checking week. I am ready. I will be posting a few recipes from my delicious dinner tonight for tomorrow then I won't be back until next Monday.
Thanks for all of those who signed up for my class, for those that I had to turn away there are more classes to come. Domestic Bliss in Mesa is opening a new shop next to the one they currently have now at 166 W Main St. called Domestic Living. This will be a beautiful shop that will offer classes on many different subjects. I think this is going to be such a great idea! They have asked me to do a four part series class starting mid may. I am excited about this yet a little nervous. They will be having a grand opening on May 9th and 10th and I will be there to meet some of you and sign you up if you would like to participate. You may also sign up earlier at their current store in April. The series will be broken down into 4 categories:
1. Artificial America: Understanding what's hiding in our food and Why its destroying our children.
2. First Thing and In-betweens: How to start your day off right and fuel in-between with recipes both healthy and delicious!
3. Simply Organized: Organize your home simply to simplify your life.
4. The Healing Power of Food: You are what you eat. Learn what foods you really should be eating to heal your body.
**There will be lots of material in these classes from my blogs but I will go into more depth.
Their Website is

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