Friday, March 14, 2008

"Seriously, Mom, we need new snacks!"

****I have to edit this blog! Since posting this I have learned about the dangers of one of the ingredients in most of these: yeast extract. It is a form of MSG. Too Bad. These are still much better than the regular stuff but not a safe food.

My son informed me that we need to change up our snacks a bit. We have had the same stuff for quite some time so I ventured off to Sprouts to load up on some new items. We had a little taste testing session when I returned and everything was delicious. So delicious in fact that I had to lay down some ground rules. Although these snacks were free from the bad stuff, they were still snacks, still a bit sweet and still needed to be limited. The rules are, at least when Mom is looking, is that they have to eat fruit or a veggie first then they can have the snack.

You can find some of these products at grocery stores in the healthy section, they are just cheaper at Sprouts. They are probably about $1 more than the junk brands but think of it as less copays to the Dr. since you will be much healthier! They are organic, made with expeller pressed oil, cane juice and nothing artificial. Best part is that they taste as good or better than the other brands. Not all of these are with whole grain wheat flour but most are, I don't mind a little white now and then especially if sandwiched with healthy ingredients.

Here are the items that we tried today:

Nature's Path: Toaster Pastries (just like pop tarts)
Back to Nature: Crispy Wheats (crackers just like wheat thins),Classic creme cookies,Honey Graham Sticks
Annie's Organic: Bunny Grahams (Three varieties)
New Morning: Graham Wiches (Way too good to keep in the house!)
Sprouts brand: Cheddar Curlz (better than Cheetos)

My children are very happy to have some new treats around the house. I warned them that if they are demolished too quickly, we will be back to corn chips and pretzels! That will scare them! I don't think kids really need to snack all day, two times is plenty, if they are still hungry - here's a banana!


Laurie said...

I LOVE those toaster pastries. THey have them at the Costco here and we bought them last time - way too yummy. High in calories but very good!

Shari Goodman said...

FYI on the Costco, we used to have those at ours, then they pulled them. Costco advertises them for the companies for about half price, then they take them away. Buy a bunch while you can so you don't have to pay double at the store!

Cindy Thomas said...

In TX they had those toaster pastries @ Costco last month and I only bought ONE box (just wanted to try them) - this month, THEY ARE ALL GONE! (The boys are sad!)

We like pita chips too. Utz is a brand name here and they have a 7-grain pretzel that we all like - cheap too. I have two that like the Snapea Crisps by Calbee.

AprilHaymorePhoto said...

I love those toaster pastries and the crackers that are like wheat thins! They also have some that are like cheeze-its and tricuits. My kids don't know the difference!