Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A little more.....

Just a little more on supplements; my post makes me sound like I am anti supplements. That is not the case. However, it is always best to eat the whole food when possible as intended but there are times when we need a little more. For instance, B vitamins need to be taken in greater quantities when we are stressed, C's when we are sick. We need to be careful, however, to make sure that we use the vitamin supplements as that, supplements to a good diet. NOT a replacement for a good diet. Take them along with eating great and make sure you get a good quality vitamin that is balanced so that your body can actually use what you are taking. The nature made line is good and fairly inexpensive. Take supplements that are dye, sugar and filler free. I am still opposed to protein powders but if you must, rice protein is the best option. It is just so easy to eat protein in nuts that you really don't need it. Well, there you go for those who asked.

FYI: please email me for those who want the gluten free recipes and for those who want to be in the gluten free exchange so I can get my lists together. Thanks!

I have another post comming today....stay tuned .


Kayleen the Violinist said...

Thank you for clarifying about supplements. I'd also like to add that if you shop in the grocery stores, you are not getting the full nutritional value from your food. Farmer's markets and home gardens are the best way to ensure nutrient packed meals. This is another reason to take supplements- if you don't live near a Farmer's Market, or in the winter time when fresh produce isn't as readily available. I am a distributor for a company called Symmetry Direct, and anyone who wants more info about our products is welcome to contact me. In my opinion, our supplement line is the best available. :)

russ and jenny said...

I just went back and read an entry from April about the Magnesium gel you use. That was very helpful to me. I am trying to find the best way to get all of this in my 8 year old calcium 500mg, mag 250mg, zinc 12mg and Omega 3 DHA 150/EPA 150. She was prescribed these supplements instead of medication for ADHD. Any help would be great. I will do the magnesium gel:)