Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Canning Apple Pie Filling.....

I wish these were my cans of apple pie filling but mine are yet to be made. They are on the schedule of the "to be done". Apples are cheap right now if you can find the right deal and will be even cheaper soon. With Azure Standard you can get a 20 pound box of the tastiest Organic apples for under $20 bucks. Now is the time to can these delicious little treats. I have canned them plain, now I am going to can some apple pie filling. It is easy and tastes delicious. If you too are feeling adventurous and want to add a little sweet to your year supply, here is your recipe.
Apple Pie Filling
For seven Quarts:
6 Quarts fresh apples sliced 1/4 inch thick.(perfect size in the apple peeler)
5 1/2 C Sugar
1 T Cinnamon
1 t. nutmeg (opt)
2 1/2 C cold water
5 C. Apple Juice
3/4 C bottled lemon juice
3 C. Ultra Gel
Peel, core and slice apples; place in water containing ascorbic acid or fruit fresh. Blanch no more than 2 quarts at a time in boiling water for 1 minute and keep warm.
Combine sugar, spices , water, apple juice and lemon juice in large kettle. Add ultra Gel gradually with a wire whisk and stir until smooth. Cook until thick and bubbly. Fold in drained apple slices. Fill jars, leaving 1/2 inch head space.
Adjust lids and process immediately in water bath or steam canner for 35 minutes or per your canners instructions.
**Ultra Gel can be ordered online or purchased locally at Shar's Bosch Center in Gilbert. Also, if anyone has info on if this stuff is horrible for you , let me know. I know this is a corn byproduct and is better for you than cornstarch. I know any corn byproduct isn't great but either is sugar. I can't find out any more info so enlighten me if you can. Until then, I will use it sparingly when needed.


Megan said...

Wish I had the time to do this!!!

Dale & Christina said...

Those azure apples are the best I have had in ........years. Very tasty. Hey, I am looking at Thursday january 15 8pm Health Club at my home. I think maybe once a month on Thurs. evening for about 1 hour should do. I am really getting excited about this. We need to empower ourselves and take things into our own hands with raising these families. does that sound good to you?