Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wheat Sale.

My friend, Tracey Adair and owner of Preparing Wisely in Mesa has let me know that the Montana Gold White Wheat is for sale through December. 50 lb bag is $30. This is the best wheat for baking. Also, they carry large cans of wheat gluten and also great items for your year supply! Great stocking stuffers!

Thanks for the info , Tracey!

(Check out her blog to the right for more info)


Jeff and Kristy said...

Hey Shari - I was at dance with Tyla tonight and a mom there told me disneyland is gluten free. Do you know anything about this? We are going there next week for christmas. She said all the restaurants in disneyland have gluten free items like there hot dogs, chicken and hamburgers. I hope this is true!

M and Ems Momma said...

Hi Kristy, we went to Disneyland in Feb and there were certain places that were GFCF, not all. Maybe that has changed (yeah!). We went to a certain pizza place (Pizza port maybe by space mountain?) and told the greeter we needed to talk to the chef. The chef came out, met Matthew and made him a special pizza crust and sauce without wheat or dairy. It was great! Here's a link for you Hope that helps!!