Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have to admit that I haven't been a huge fan of cauliflower in my life but things are changing. I guess I never really gave the veggie a chance or knew really what to do with it until recently. Like with many veggies, they are usually served one way - steamed, lifeless and tasteless. What a waste of a perfectly good veggie. It really deserves better than that, after all, look what it is offering:

It is rich in folate to help with cell growth.
It helps promote a healthy heart and lowers the chance of a stroke.
Strengthens the immune system with high Vitamin C and Selenium.
High fiber contents to help with bowel health.
Contains indole-3-carbino which helps prevent female type cancers.
It is a natural blood and liver detoxifier.
Contains Sulforaphane which removes cancer causing chemicals to stop cancer.
Contains glucosinolotes to neutralize potentially toxic substances.

Those are just to name a few. Do you see why you need to add this to your veggie line-up? Who doesn't want to have a healthy heart and remove toxins?

Another great benefit is that you can use it like a potato without the starch/carb issue. You can steam it and mash it like mashed potatoes with some garlic and butter. You can chop it up and use it in a soup in place of potatoes. I did just that this week in a curried creamy veggie soup which was simply wonderful. I used cauliflower and brocoflower (the broccoli and cauliflower mix) as my base. Recipe is below. Another great way to use cauliflower is to roast it in the oven with some olive oil and seasoning of choice. Just roast it at 400 degrees until al dente. I like to use all kinds of seasonings and roast it with a good, sweet onion.

Cauliflower is in season right now so it is a great time to get adventurous with it. Don't get stuck in a veggie rut. Try out new things. Try out new seasonings. Don't get caught in the steamed veggie trap. There is really so much more than a steamed, buttered veggie. No wonder most people don't like veggies. We need taste and texture. Go crazy! My veggies were Greek last night.....tomorrow we may go Italian! Oh, what a little spice can do!

Curried Veggie Soup

1/2 c. butter or olive oil
1 C. chopped onion
2 medium carrots, peeled and chopped
1 1/2 C. chopped cauliflower , about 1/2 inch chunks
1 1/2 C. brocoflower or potatoes (no broccoli)
1 C. green beans cut into 1 inch pieces (opt.)
1 T. curry powder
1/8 tsp. smoked paprika (opt.)
1/4 C. dried parsley or 1/8 C. fresh chopped
1/2 C. dry rice
1 C. heavy cream
6 C. chicken broth

Melt butter or oil in large pan. Add onions and veggies and saute until veggies are fork tender. Add in Curry powder and saute 1 minute longer. Be careful not to burn the curry. Add broth, rice and parsley. Add more broth if needed. Simmer 25-30 min. or until veggies are tender and rice is done.

Stir in cream and season with salt and pepper. Thicken with ultra gel or cornstarch in water. Use any other spices you desire to flavor it to your liking.

**smoked paprika, dash of cayenne, mesquite seasoning are some of my favorite soup seasonings.


Kristy Treible said...

Thank you doll and congrats on your 10K....are you kidding me???? I ran 3 miles this morning and seriously thought I was going to die! Any advice?? Please! How is your little man? I am having a hard time with Tyla right now. :(

Shari Goodman said...


I don't have your email anymore. email me so we can chat! We should all go to breakfast again to catch up.

The Lees said...

I'm not a fan of the strait up mashed cauliflower, but I love it mixed 50/50 with potatoes. The flavor is perfect and the texture is great, and I can fool my family into eating it.
I'll have to try it roasted some day.

Diane... said...

I LOVE CAULIFLOWER...always have everything but the smell!! I sighted your blog in my post on cauliflower with another recipe...THANKS FOR YOURS SHARI, WE'll TRY IT!!

Terri Burges Hirning said...

I even make a "pizza" crust out of it! Steam it, rice it then mix 1 cup cauliflower with 1 egg and 1 cup shredded mozarella cheese. Add in spices like oregano, basil, etc. and bake at 450 for 12 minutes. You can even do little cheesey garlic bread sticks if you want. I am going to try and make it thinner like a chip for Superbowl! Great reminder to use this wonderful veggie and to get creative!!

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