Sunday, February 14, 2010

New from Green Bee.

Have I told you lately how great Green Bee is ? Well, they keep getting better. In addition to the fresh fruit and veggie packs, they now have a great salsa pack with tortillas and brand newly added....

BREAD! Fresh baked daily, delivered to you with your Bee Box order at an extremely great price! They offer 3-5 varieties weekly and are ordered in two's. They are all natural, pure, Enlightened Homemaker approved ingredients. Don't miss out. Go log onto their site at Order by tomorrow night for my location or find a location near you. My Utah girls, there is now locations for you! Woo HOo!

If you ever have questions or ideas for Green Bee, email me or the company directly. They listen. Really. They want to provide what we want and really get customer service. I know first hand. Try them out. Great stuff.... really.


DK said...

How was your bread? I'm excited to get mine tomorrow :).

Shari Goodman said...

Loved the bread! Great price, great ingredients.