Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Got Acne? Think Zinc.

Our skin is our largest organ. It tells the story of what lies beneath it's surface. The idea then,(that many Dr.'s even subscribe to) that what we eat doesn't affect how our skin looks, is ridiculous. The skin is the storyteller. It lets us know when something is wrong inside. But, many of us just want to cover it up with a quick fix. We want the magic solution in a cute little jar to cover it up. Listen to the skin. It just might be telling you something.

Today's skin topic will be on acne. Nobody likes it. Nobody wants it but nonetheless, it plagues many. It seems to surge at the time the hormones first drop by to visit and can reappear anytime later; stress, pregnancy, menopause. Those little acne visits just maybe a deficiency in your body screaming at you to make amends. We all know that diet can attribute to how our skin looks. If you think about the person you know with the best skin, chances are they don't pound down a box of donuts. Some are just blessed but that usually only lasts so long. However, even if you are a good eater, you may still have problems with acne.

In America's diet today, we lack many nutrients that were once abundant. Our soils are now depleted of some of the rich minerals it once contained. Especially zinc. Zinc has a huge effect on the skin. It has been studied greatly but how many of you have even heard about zinc for the skin? Any Dr.'s tell you? Probably not. It is cheap. No money is really to be made on it. Drugs sell, not supplements.

There was a Swedish study in 1977 on the effects of zinc on acne. It was overwhelming. 64 patients took part in the study all with acne problems. They were divided in 4 groups given different supplements and a placebo. The zinc groups came out on top every time. After only four weeks on zinc therapy, 65 percent of their pimples cleared and after 12 weeks, 87 percent disappeared. The evidence was overwhelming. To quote the Swedish study, "Zinc's effect on acne, even in its severe inflammatory state, is "remarkable". Those in the study took 45 mg of zinc, three times per day. They noted that they did just fine on lower doses than taken in the study.

There are other supplements that are important for skin health. Vitamin A, Biotin and Cod Liver oil. A good liver cleanse is also very helpful. It is very important to get a good quality supplement. If you don't , you may just be wasting your money or even causing harm to your body. You also need to remember that fixing the skin is not an overnight fix. It takes time and patience. Allow a good month to really see a difference. It may work quicker but allow the time. My daughter just started with acne and immediately got on zinc and Biotin. Here face is clearing up beautifully. Too bad teenage son doesn't like to take the supplements. He is missing out!

If you would like to try out supplements for your skin, a recommended amount of zinc would be 50 mg daily; One tsp. of Cod Liver oil daily and 5 mg of Biotin daily. Zinc should be in the chelated form, as a liquid or as Zinc Picolinate. Cod Live oil I recommend is by Carlson's. It tastes like lemon lime and is of great quality - very important so you don't get mercury.

New Beginnings prices are as follows:

Zinc in liquid form (preferred method) $20
Zinc in tablet form $14
Carlson's Cod Liver Oil $32
Biotin $10

The quality is top notch and the prices are better than Sprouts. Email me if interested. Shipping is $5 in the US.


kamille said...

loved this. i am dealing with postpartum acne (i usually flare up during pregnancy, i am thinking thanks to hormones?) so i will try zinc. i eat a very healthy diet already (of course, i am still making changes for the better, but i eat better than most americans). thanks for the information!

Rachel said...

thanks shari. i have had issues with this since being pregnant and i have been waiting for the day when i could start my liver cleanse. if i start taking these supplements, do i take them forever or just until my skin is cleared up?

DK said...

So I would like to get some if you haven't ordered yet... I need all 3 products... Is the Zinc liquid hard to take (does it taste bad) if it does I'll take the tablets :).

Brandee said...

This post came at a perfect time. I have a 14 year old daughter that has battled acne for 2 years. We started her on fish oil and I would love to order Biotin and liquid Zinc.

Thank you for all of your great info.

Tirsa Baker said...

Can you take all these supplements while breastfeeding? I am very interested!

Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to post a sample menu of what you eat on a regular day? I get so caught up in my kids that I forget about me, and find myself snacking poorly throughout the day and being extra hungry for dinner. If I have an idea of what someone I "want to be like" eats then I am more likely to plan my day/meals :) Thank you!!!