Thursday, February 25, 2010

Need something to do?

OK, it is time to get that obscene picture off my top page and move on. I know, I offended some of you with that hot fudge Sunday. Sorry, but you know you all wanted a little taste!

Let's move on to being healthy. I really want to make a goal of no sugar for a month but I lack the courage. I know it is a noble thing. I know my body would stand up and cheer but..... no sugar?? That means no chocolate.....well at least the kind I want. I 'll let you know when I am that brave but I do need to back it off just a little. I usually try to keep it to a couple treats a weekend only but it seems like it is spilling over into the week now and then. It just tastes so good. Anyone else out there brave enough to join me? Maybe I need a little company.

Now on to the healthy talk. It is warming up here in AZ so it is time to get your gardens ready. You should be getting ready to plant in the next couple of weeks. I love the summer garden! My mouth waters even thinking about what a real tomato tastes like freshly picked and ohhh, that tomatillo salsa! Can't wait. If you don't have a garden space , you can do a grow box or even containers. I have done it on an apartments ledge and on a narrow strip in a small backyard. There is always room for just a little something. The nutrients from a fresh picked vegetable versus one picked and left on a shelf for a period of time are dramatic. I don't even know if they understand what nutrients are contained in something just picked. It is the way it should be but we can't grow it all. Just growing a few things yourself will help your body greatly. Think about it. If you need help, I have a good friend who will build you a grow box, deliver it, fill it with good dirt and all for a low cost. His name is Arlon Smith and you can contact him at 480 456-1253. He has a 4X4 for $90 and other sizes on demand.

If you are ready to take the next step in being healthy in your life, I have a friend here in the valley that can teach you how. Her name is Kara and if you have checked out her link off my site, you will know that she knows a few things. She is a step , or two , above me in the nutrition area with sprouting, fermenting and creating healthy recipes. I haven't gone all the way yet like her but someday I will get there. She has some great classes coming up so go to her site here and check out the spring schedule. Her classes are on Saturday mornings. They feature topics like fermenting, soaking, tortilla making, pressure cooking and dressing up your greens. She has done this as a profession and serves up some mighty fine samples. Check her out.

So there you go. If anyone is out there bored, you now have something to do. I hope you all don't thing less of me from the hot fudge post but just in case you do, here is something else.... I went to a movie today by myself at lunch time and my bathroom isn't clean. There. (That was a first...the movie part anyways. It was nice but probably won't get to happen again.) I was just soaking in the day today. Now, time to clean the bathroom.


Clairissa said...

After years of saying I was going to do it, I finally went sugar free. I've been sugar free for 10 days now.....trying for 30 and then will evaluate if I want to allow myself a treat once a week once I reach that point. I realized that after day 5, it really wasn't as bad and the cravings definitely lessened.

I had a quick question for you....I am off of dairy and need a good recommendation for a calcium supplement. I have checked out your new beginnings link (just received my first order of some other supplements a couple days ago and love it!) and saw several calcium options. Did you have a favorite? I always love your recommendations.

clairissa in atlanta

Shari Goodman said...

the Cal/Mag citrate capsules are good . Take calcium apart from Zinc. The liquid forms always best but you would want to probably get liquid magnesium with it. Calcium is absorbed best with magnesium. That's why many people just like the capsules that have both together. I have my children take the calcium chewables. If you eat plenty of greens, you get enough calcium but it is good to take extra to help bind the oxalates out of your system.

Paula said...

Thanks for the Grow Box post! I also went for the first time to a movie by myself this past year. Something to be said for getting to KNOW yourself again! (makes it easy to pick where to sit, only one person to make happy) Congrats, hope you enjoyed.

diane said...

GOOD FOR YOU! Going to a movie alone AND leaving your bathroom undone. Amazing!
I am trying to cut out sugar and ALL white flour (midwife's recommendation) but holy crap it's hard!

Kara said...
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Kara said...

I am so NOT a step or two above you! You are too humble. Thanks for the link.

Damon and Marie said...

I've been sugar free now for 1 year and chocolate free for 6 years. It feels great. I use other sweeteners such as agave, coconut sugar and xylitol instead. {I did start having chocolate again-but without all of the garbage in it. I'm very picky about the chocolate I eat now.} Try it-you WILL feel good! :) Good luck!

Huish Family said...

What movie? Good for you. I too am trying to "let go" of a few of the mundane things in life. Relax a little. No sugar? I think it would be a good thing. Not sure if I'm ready yet. My friend just got a book called the belly fat Cure by Jorge Cruise. I was skeptical at first, but he talks all about sugar as the culprit and tells you everything you need to know to switch things out to minimize the sugar in your diet. I just got the book and I 'm very curious. I guess there are alternatives to all the guilty pleasures in life. I think I could do it then! Good luck!