Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Molasses Peasant Bread

I love a good, hearty peasant bread with a vegetable soup anytime of year. This round loaf is thick and pleasantly sweet with a touch of molasses. It serves up best with a spread of cold butter on the still "warm from the oven bread." It doesn't rise up very high but has more of the texture of an Irish bread. Super yum.

Molasses Peasant Bread

5 cups fresh ground whole grain flour (sprouted is preferred)
1 cup corn meal
2 T. Yeast

2 tsp. sea salt
2 C. warm water
5 T. soft butter
1/2 C. molasses

Stir 2 cups flour, corn meal, yeast and salt together in mixer. Add water, butter and molasses and beat for 2 minutes. Add in enough flour to make a dough that pulls from the sides. Mix for 5 more minutes or knead by hand.

Cover and let rise for about 1 1/2 hours. Turn on board or counter and form into two round loaves. Put on greased jelly roll pan and make 3 slits in top of loaves with knife, cutting about 1/2 inch deep. Let rise about 30-45 minutes.

Bake at 375 for about 25-35 minutes or until golden on top or bread reaches about 180 degrees. Serve while warm.


ness said...

Hi, I missed your order for Tuesday :( Do you know of any local places that carry Spice of Life, such as Sprouts, etc? I'm in Mesa.

I'm going to start the things you recommend for defense. My kids have already come down with what looked like chicken pox, of course the doctor said it wasn't since it didn't last long enough. I'm taking this into my own hands after paying $85 for a two minute visit with the doctor and a prescription for Neosporin, LOL!

Shari Goodman said...


I did order extra Spice of LIfe if you want one. You cannot get them at a store.