Friday, September 3, 2010


After the birth of my fifth child, my back was a bit disheveled to say the least. It hurt. I let it go for a few years, giving in to spasms now and then and general pain. I finally called up my cousin, Jim, who had just finished up Myropractic school to come fix me. I had heard he worked miracles. He did not disappoint. He is amazing and from that point on, I was in love with Myropracty. Myropracty is like chiropracty ( I don't know what the correct terms are, sorry professionals) but they work with the muscles. This made perfect sense to me as the muscles are what hold the bones together. If the muscles are tight, they are going to pull the joints and bones in the wrong place. Chiropractors just crack you and leave the muscles as is and you end up back in a week since the problem was never really fixed.

My miracle cousin, Jim moved. He is now working with the Biggest Loser TV show and I am without him. Sad. The problem is that even though I found another good myropractor here, insurance does not pay and it adds up. So, I had a car accident 1 1/2 years ago and found myself having daily problems with my right side from neck to toe. I can't hardly run anymore among other issues. I decided to try out a chiropractor so my insurance would pay and would see if I saw results. Just what I thought, he cracked me and sent me out. No help what so ever.

A friend in my neighborhood and church has a chiropractor husband. I stayed away because of the fact that I didn't like chiropractors and if I did try him out and didn't like him, how would I act around them when I never returned? One day I talked with this friend. She told me a bit about her husband and I was intrigued. He trained as a chiropractor but took his schooling to a higher level. He was trained in ART which is Active Release Technique. It is the practice of releasing the muscles to help the body relax and keep it all in line. That is what I am talking about. They use ART in the Iron man competitions for the athletes so it must be good.

I decided to try ole Dan out and see what he was made of. I gathered my two aching teenagers and went to his office. I went back again today. I am sold. It was different than anything I have done before; a mix between chiropractors and Myropractors. It seemed to be the complete package. Better yet, my insurance covers this. That is rare for me!

I am now a regular. Not many chiropractors go through this schooling because it takes more time and cost quite a bit. Thanks, Dan, for taking the time! My body thanks you. I am your new best friend, even if my calves felt like the muscles were being ripped from them today. They feel loosy, goosy now so I have forgiven you.

My hero.

You can reach this new miracle worker at 480-833-0302 in Mesa on Mckellips and Gilbert or click on his logo on the right sidebar or the picture above. If you don't live in AZ, look up ART certified chiropractors in your area for help.



Jami Baker said...

I am pretty sure that Jim is the same guy I went to before he moved. (University and Gilbert-ish) I LOVED him!! He told me I was having problems with my wrist even without me telling him that. He also saved my hip when I was pregnant. I miss him. But I will have to see if my insurance covers this new guy you recommend. It is definitely worth a try!! Thanks for sharing!!

rachel said...

hey wait! i went to jim too. i LOVED him and was so so sad when he moved. i was so impressed when he took my pulse and just by it being slower than normal, asked if i had any stomach issues recently. i had just found out i was pregnant a few days earlier and i was amazed that he could tell. we just found someone in chandler that we really like, but it's so far away. i'll have to check this dan out. thanks!

Laurie said...

Here is another Dan recommendation. I first had Dr. Dan work on my back before he even opened his practice. I had just had baby number two and was completley bed ridden because of my back. Dan worked his magic and within two sessions I was back up and running. Every once in a while I'll throw my back out again and I go running to Dan!! He knows exactly what to do and within a couple sessions everything is back to normal. He really is a great chiropractor - I recommend him to everyone who needs one. Sorry Shari, I would have told you to go to him if I knew you were still having problems! I was in there probably 6 months ago and he fixed my back once again!

Candice said...

I'll have to try him out! Thanks for the recommendation!

Melissa said...

Okay, I can't handle not saying something even though I don't really know you (I do love reading your blog though). I just have to say something about what you wrote.

First of all, you should be more clear about the difference between myopractic and chiropractic. Myopractors are massage therapists who take a 2 week continuing education class. So they are in school about 8 months-1 year. Whereas Chiropractors get an undergrad degree (4 years) and continue 3-4 additional years in a Doctor of Chiropractic school. Chiropractors and "myropractors/massage therapists" are not the same.

Not that I think Chiropractors are all that they're cracked up to be (pun intended), BUT I do think they deserve respect for their schooling and knowledge.

Second and most importantly, my husband is a physical therapist and I'm wondering why you've never tried Physical Therapy. I do understand that a lot of PTs out there are really old school, but if you can find a good manual physical therapist they can work wonders. My husband performs thrust manipulations (PT versions of adjustments) and then he combines it with all the massage, myofascial manipulation (connective tissue techniques) therapeutic exercise, joint mobilizations, and whatever else he is doing when he's working on someone. So his education, which includes 4 years of undergrad and 3 years of Doctorate school, gives him the training to do all that a "myopractor" can do plus some of the great stuff chiro's do and a WHOLE bunch more. And it's all covered by insurance.

Sorry, I know this is a little controversial, but I can't just sit back and not stick up for my hubby's profession because I really believe that PTs are the best out there!

Shari Goodman said...


I do think physical therapists are wonderful. I totally agree with what you said. PT's have helped my husband and son tremendously and i know I need to go to them. I know myropractors have less training that chiropractors but I like their techniques better than a chiropractor and I have experienced several different types. I should have talked about physcial therapists but my post was more geared to regular adjustments. I am glad you made a comment. Thank your husband for his career and tell him I am totally on his side. Can't say that about many people in the medical profession.