Wednesday, September 8, 2010

gluten free....getting better.

Tate has been Gluten Free for 3 years now. He doesn't really know what it is like to eat a good fluffy donut or a piece of yummy bread. Choices have been pretty slim but lately, it seems that due to the increase of gluten intolerant folks, our options have opened up to a new and exciting world. I gave up on bread since every bit I tried, whether store bought or homemade were dense and dry as could be. I bought some Udi's brand at Sprout's and was amazed. It was fluffy. It was amazing. Tate had his first sandwich and felt like a regular kid. He had the cutest grin there was. He just knew somehow it was special. Udi's has lots of other products as well and you can go to their site here to get a great coupon to boot.

Tonight we had to go to Borro's pizza for a football meeting. Tate has never had pizza before but to our great fortune, Barro's now has gluten free crust. I bought his own little cheeseless pizza and he looked at me with great joy when I gave him his first slice. His smile could not have been bigger. He ate half the pizza and carried his little box with leftovers for the rest of the night. So exciting.

I am so thankful for restaurants who are helping these little ones enjoy life. Thank you, thank you. You made our day.

Sandwiches and pizza. Tate is now a real kid. Pleased as punch. The simple pleasures in life.

If you have some great gluten free finds, let us all know. Many of us are in the same boat.

*****FYI, I have supplements in but the Spice of Life is on back order. They keep telling me it will be in any day. If you want your other supplements , please email me or you can wait for the spice of life to come in. I will let you know asap.


diane said...

I saw the gluten free options on the Olive Garden menu the other day and I thought of you!

Kerri said...

Hey! My mom has celiac and was diagnosed with it about 8 or so years ago. Of course as a result of that she is on a total gluten free diet. She was just in town visiting and she too got a pizza at Barros and she also hit the Gluten Free Country Store that is on Val Vista/202 area. I am sure you have already checked it out, but just in case, they may have some new options for you!

Linda said...

Thanks for this info! I printed off the coupon and got a loaf of bread and some bagels. They are awesome!! Gluten free never tasted so good. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

The gf pizza at BJ's is even better than Barro's (and the cheese one is cheaper too). The crust is SLIGHTLY sweet but not bad and a bit thicker than the other gf crusts I have tried. Also, they understand cross-contamination and work very hard to avoid it. I'm crazy sensitive and thus far they managed to feed me twice without incident