Monday, August 29, 2011

New B complex from New Beginnings

I was pretty excited to see that New Beginnings is now carrying a B-complex vitamin as I went to place my order today. I think every woman should be taking a little extra B vitamins as we deplete ours so easily. I wrote a little bit about it a while back. Here is a little taste of what I wrote:

The B vitamins are a group of 8 vitamins that aid the body in cell metabolism. Of course we all know that cell's are what make up our body so it is probably a good thing to keep them in shape and metabolising properly. The B's also keep our skin and muscle tone healthy, our immune and nervous system in check and helps us combat the stress and anxiety in our lives. When you are really stressed out, your body actually depletes itself of B vitamins so you should make sure you take extra at this time. For children with disorders such as Autism and ADHD, many times a huge culprit is the way their body handles their B vitamins. Almost all of the time, they need major B supplements. For my son, I inject him with B12 vitamins to help his body work properly. Without these vitamins, the system can't work right and the brain will then suffer. Anxiety levels and depression levels are greatly affected when we don't get the vitamins we need. Another great benefit of B's are that they help the metabolism to speed up to aid in a healthy and lean body. Who doesn't want all this? It is like a little miracle pill. Yes, you still need to eat foods rich in B's like lentils, bananas, tuna and potatoes, but we all need a little help. Grab a bottle. Pass it a round. Take care of yourselves ladies! 

The great thing about this B-Complex is that is so cheap! You get a bottle of 90 capsules for $19 bucks! Woo Hoo! I ordered a few extras for any of you wanting to amp up your energy. 

It is always important to get our vitamins naturally so eating a rich, colorful diet is important but you can never get too many B vitamins. It's good to have a little extra help sometimes!


RPH said...

I am getting my supplements mixed up!? What is the red stuff that you squirt in your nose? B? I want a bottle of this stuff too, but remind me what the red stuff is.

Shari Goodman said...

The Red stuff is the nasal 12. B12 is the golden B vitamin but there are 8 B's that you want. I do the B12 in addition a couple times per week. You don't need that every day.

Shari Goodman said...

Rather the nasal B12.

rachel said...

i'll take one shari, if you still have extras.