Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Sides....

If I was cooking for myself only, I would live on fresh side dishes. I really have no interest in heavy, meat dishes any longer. This is definitely an evolved taste. But fresh, flavorful sides just make my taste buds and body happy. I only wish my kids shared my enthusiasm. They do like the side dishes but it doesn't seem like a meal to them. I am glad they indulge me anyways.

I had a vegetable drawer full of veggies from The Backyard Farmer that had to be used asap. I had one big yellow squash, a sweet onion, 2 Armenian cucumbers, corn and some red potatoes. Yum. They were all delicious served up in just the right format.
This is how it went down; simple and refreshing:

The potatoes were quartered (they were small) and tossed with fresh pressed olive oil and some Herbs de Provence. They were roasted in the oven until lightly golden at the edges and fork-tender.

The cucumbers were served sliced, as is, next to a homemade dill dip.

The corn, cut off the cob, sauteed in some butter with sweet onions, Celtic salt and fresh pepper. I never cook my corn in water. It ruins the corn. It needs very little time to cook.

Easy stuff.

My very favorite dish was the photo above of the yellow squash side dish. I absolutely despise soggy veggies. The old school version of squash that is mushy in a pan with butter and cheese makes me rethink my love for veggies. It really is an act of disservice towards this beautiful creation. You zap the life and goodness right out of them that way not to mention any desirability. Many people don't realize that a squash can be eaten raw with great taste if the seasoning is right.

This was yummy. Everyone ate it up. 

1 large yellow squash or two small
3 T. of lime juice (lemon ok too)
3 T. olive oil
1 thinly sliced or diced shallot, white only or      about 2 T. chopped onion.
1/4 tsp dried thyme
feta cheese
chopped pecans
salt and pepper as desired

Slice the squash, peel on, very thinly and then cut in half. Whisk the lime juice, olive oil, thyme and salt and pepper in a bowl. Add squash and shallots and toss several times so that marinade soaks in. Add the
chopped pecans and feta. I left some without the nuts and feta for those who didn't like nuts and for those who are dairy free right now at my house. It still tasted great. Let sit for a few minutes for flavors to blend. Serve cold or at room temperature.

It was a perfect summer side. 

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