Friday, August 26, 2011

Prevention....a refresher course

It is that time of year again...back to school which means the proliferation of germs. 3 days into school I already had the note home that there is strep in the classroom. School = Germs. But, it doesn't have to be. Really. We didn't have any sick days last year from school. That is really important since I teach preschool and can't have sick kids home. Kids can be surrounded with germs and can actually ward them off. It isn't to say they aren't going to feel a little "yucky" for a day , but the full fledged , in bed type sick really can be avoided. The body needs to build up an immune system by being exposed and fighting it off but you don't have to let the germs win the fight. Let's refresh ourselves on the basics of a healthy immune system:

First off, SUGAR. Sugar lowers the immune system which invites the germs to hang out and multiply. That is why illnesses spike in the fall and winter right around the holidays. We eat lots of sugar at this time with Halloween being the kick off. I have just figured this out first hand. In my quest to really listen to my body and note how food makes me feel, I have made a crystal clear correlation with sugar and my tonsils. I am pretty good about not eating much sugar EXCEPT when my daughter makes my favorite cookies (here). 
I tend to eat a few too many bites of the dough and a few too many cookies. What happens EVERY SINGLE TIME is my throat will be very sore the next day. Without fail. I never put this together before. I take my special remedies (to be discussed) and it goes away but the sugar allows the germs to attack my throat. That is my weak point. I think I have learned my lesson in this area. Hopefully.

Second, you need to pump up the immune system. This is critical in children who seem to have a weak system to begin with. I am an absolute huge believer in vitamin D3 as a daily supplement except when you are out all summer getting it the natural way. When school starts, I start the D3. I use the ionic liquid D3 and put it right in their drinks in the morning, at least a few times per week if not daily. You can search D3 on my site and gets lots of info on that, including recommended dosages. You can give it to all ages. I also pump the vitamin C, especially when they feel something coming on. If their is an allergy issue, it is important to address that as an allergic, inflamed body loves to invite the germs. It is a moist, mucousy environment that is a petri dish for germs. I love the New Beginnings A & I to help with this along with Cod Liver oil to help get the histamines out. Also important is clearing yeast from the body which also attracts the bugs, especially congestion.

Now, when things do go awry, as they will, and a child comes home saying they don't fell so great; nip it in the bud asap! There are so many natural things to do so it is important to keep some remedies on hand. I am a big fan of rotation so your body doesn't get used to one certain thing. I LOVE Spice of Life by BeYoung oils. I put it in a capsule for the older ones or put it on the feet of the little ones. I give extra C, use garlic, Elderberry, Golden Seal, Colloidal Silver, Oreganol, etc. Sometimes I use it all! There are so many things for so many different situations. Grape Fruit Seed Extract should be a staple for any home. I use it for everything from cleaning to sore throats. When there is a sore throat coming, we gargle 3 drops of GSE in 4 oz of water several times a day. Tastes absolutely horrible but it works. Big time. I just used some on my chickens infected foot. It is cheap and lasts forever. Of course, there is the ever popular Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar to help the body become less acidic which breads the germs as well. 1 tsp daily is always a good practice. For chest issues and snotty noses, I love the Breathe essential oil.

The last bit of advice, which I am finally doing better at, is sleep. If you don't get your Z's , your immune system will not be in top form. I have always been one to sacrifice in that department but after feeling so good on vacation this summer, I realized how bad I feel daily on 5 hours of sleep. I have , for once in my life, been really trying to get almost 7 hours of sleep and I feel like super woman. I am getting too old to live on 5 hours anymore. Plus, it keeps the eye bags away.

Keep those kiddos healthy. Sick days are no fun...for mom or kids! I promise, you can keep them at a minimum.

I am ordering today if anyone wants to stock up. I will order a few extra to have on hand. 

D3 $20
Spice $29
Vitamin C chewables $7
Carlson's Cod Liver Oil $32
A & I chewables $15
A & I capsules $34
GSE $12
Allimax (garlic) $32
Oreganol $29
Elderberry $28
Breathe $29


DK said...

Hey Shari, I'm so glad you are ordering, I am almost out of D3 from last year and I did just start putting it in smoothies in the am. So I would like to order a D3, A&I Capsules and Allimax. Thanks so much. ~Deena

Nichole said...

I would love some D3, Breathe and A&I capsules. Thanks so much!

Tosha said...

Hi Shari,

Do you have a good gluten free, dairy free cookie recipe? Possibly with coconut sugar?

My attempts have not been very successful.