Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vaccination Information

If I say the word "vaccination", the flood gates open of comments. I am not reopening the conversation, I am merely passing on a great website to help educate you a little so you may make your own decisions. My friend, Linda, passed this on to me and I thank her for it. I reiterate to you all, I am not against vaccines. I am, however, for responsible vaccination which is something that is not practiced in this country. We have to take this into our own hands. I am very thankful that I don't have little ones to worry about these vaccines anymore. It is absolutely ridiculous the amount of injections they want to toxify their systems with. Please think about it. I urge you especially to not vaccinate your newborn in the hospital. Please. At least wait. They don't have the immune system to fight off what you are putting into them. I am always in favor of waiting several months at least. 

Here is the link: http://www.nvic.org/Downloads/49-Doses-PosterB.aspx

Take the time to really explore the site if you have little ones. Be educated. 

Please, no nasty comments. I know this is a heated topic but I am really tired of the same comments. I am posting someone elses site so you can leave nasty comments for them on their site. Thanks.


Mary said...

Thanks shari! This has been on my mind lately!

Liesl said...

I'm sorry that you get bad comments, but let me just say that you are opening the eyes of so many of us that are willing to listen. Thank you!

Wendi and Matt said...

I'm sure its really hard to hear all the nasty comments BUT your site is the site I read that made the decision to not vaccinate my child. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really really appreciate your first post on vax because those personally stories were very helpful. Keep the posts coming :) You might help 1 person!