Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I was sitting in the waiting room at Tate's speech therapy and witnessed a sweet brother taking care of his brother with autism. The one with autism was older by a couple years, probably 10 while the younger brother was about 8. The 10-year-old was upset because "everything was lame". Something was not going right in his world, as often is the case with autism, and the 8-year-old was doing everything possible to help his brother feel better. He was talking so calmly and sweetly to his flustered brother like he had been through this a million times. 

     "What if I buy you a treat when this is done...something gluten free."
     "How about you come look at this Batman book with me?"
     "I will tell Dad to get you something really neat if you will go into therapy and be happy."

      He tried it all. The 10-year-old just kept telling him "everything in this place is lame!"

      The brother went into therapy, reluctantly, and the other left with his mom, totally unflustered. 

      I wanted to hug him and tell him what a wonderful brother he was. I gave him a little smile and he looked at me like he had no idea why.

     Of course he didn't. This was his world. I am sure everyday he is bending over backwards to make his brother feel better and loved without even realizing it.
He loved him and was taking care of him.

     I thought of my Tate and his wonderful brother's. (He has a wonderful sister as well). They bend over backwards to help him. They adjust to his moods and sacrifice when things have to change for him. They love him and take care of him. 

     What a blessing it is for these boys to have brother's with Autism. It may seem strange to say but the lessons these boys learn because they have to serve and sacrifice are priceless. I am thankful that my boys have learned such a valuable lesson. I am most thankful for those sweet brothers out there who take care of their siblings with sacrifice and love. I am thankful for all the wonderful sisters as well but sisters just come with more patience and sense of service. 

     I don't know if the brother from therapy got his special treat from his dad ,but I know he sure has a great brother. That is much better. I hope someday this brother knows what a great friend he is. 

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