Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hail to an open day

Today's moment of gratitude is actually yesterday's since I never got around to posting. So much for posting a gratitude moment everyday. I have been thinking about my happy thoughts, it just doesn't always get put to post.

Monday's are a lovely day for me. It is my catch up day but there is almost always something filling in the calendar just enough to stifle all the projects I want to get done. Yesterday, I woke up, looked at the calendar and the heavens sang. Nothing. Not one thing was on the calendar. I immediately started to compile a to do list. I rarely ever do this anymore since I don't really want to see what I need to do. Today I was determined to get it all done. 

I got to the gym and came home ready to conquer it all. I finished almost all on this list by noon. It is amazing how much you can get done with motivation, no kids at home and nothing else in the way. I made another list of to do's and got most of those done as well. 

Such a joyous day! I even had time to go admire my garden. Look what I found:

This cute little Amish Paste tomato is just about ready! I am so excited. First of the season! I have dreams of my kids having a little farmers market out front during the summer. Hopefully the garden will oblige. 

The peas are about ready to give out so the next crop is ready to take it's place. Since I didn't want to pull out the peas until the very last pea is ready, I plant pole beans under them so when the peas are pulled, the pole beans are ready to climb:

It is working out nicely.

Today was also a pretty good day. I have been trying hard to really drink in the daily moments of gratitude. There are so many and when you are looking for them, there seems to be even more. The preschoolers were well behaved today. My kids are all healthy and mostly happy, (Tate could be a little more pleasurable today), My car is ready for pick up with a much less repair bill than anticipated and my husband will be home to do the baseball thing tonight. I really don't know what dinner is going to be and it is already 5 so something magical is about to happen in the kitchen. I hope. 

Hope your day had happy moments as well. 


Wendi and Matt said...

I'm curious how you deworm your chickens?

Shari Goodman said...

First time I have had to do it. I had to clean the coop real good, put down DE and then put in a de wormer liquid in their water for a day. Worst part is I can't eat the eggs for 2 weeks!