Monday, April 2, 2012

This Day, give thanks.

My car engine light turned on. My one-year-old dishwasher is on the fritz. My carpets need to be cleaned. And on and on. There seems to be a hundred demands outweighing the cash available. I am simply thankful. I woke up thankful for such beauty and blessings in my life. Really, things that weigh on me are pretty trivial and they always work out, always. Put aside the worries of the world. 

I decided that I needed to blog about the little happy joys in my life. Maybe there is someone out there who needs to be reminded of the little things. In any case, it will make me think daily about what blessings and joys are in my life. So, I am going to try to do a little post every day about my happy, joyful moments. Just a little picture or a quick though that reminded me that life is good. It is very good. 

Today, I was thankful that my friend made it to the gym with me in the early hours of the morning and that my body works, all be it, slower than I would like.

I am thankful for the little finger prints on my glass door reminding me of the fun gathering of family we had last night at my house. Food, family and music; the best combination there is. I have the best family. 

I am thankful for my little farm.

These lovely blackberry blossoms just appeared as I toured the grounds this morning. Gorgeous and full of spring life.

The tomatoes are starting to turn a little less green telling me that I am only weeks away from fresh tomatoes. Oh, happy day.

Beans are soaking, ready for a delicious dinner with fresh, homemade tortillas , Mexican Lime corn and spanish rice. Perfect.

I loved listening to a you tube clip about Ruth Stout this morning . You simply must watch. It is about her gardening but this feisty older lady has so many wise words to live by. There were several I needed to write down. I will have to listen again. If you have a little time, watch and learn. There are two sections and if you don't garden, just start listening at about the 10:50 minute mark on the first and finish with the second. Just listen between the lines to her wisdom. Especially part two.

Part two:

I hope you are having a great day. What are your joys this morning? 

Till tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Do you soak your beans with anything added to the water?

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! so true!
Where do you get the corn flour (masa) to make the tortillas?


Shari Goodman said...

I put a little vinegar in the water.
I am making flour tortillas with sprouted spelt today. I have not done corn tortillas yet. I really need to! But, you need to use pickling lime to soak the corn in first.