Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today.....helpful children.

Today's joyful moment is watching my two T's (Tanner and Tallin) willfully doing their morning chores. 

I have given my younger kids much more household responsibilities than my oldest. You learn a few things as you practice motherhood. Kids need to work. They need to be helpful and do jobs that aren't just expected. 

I don't have a job chart. While they do have some regular jobs, they should expect some additional requests and do so with a willful heart. Sure, this isn't really the norm with kids but I have a few that are pretty great about this.

Tallin gets up really early. Every morning. He never needs to be told to get up. He just does it. Because he is up much earlier than he needs to, he gets lots of opportunities to help me out. I don't think he even realizes how much he does for me in the morning.

He feeds the chickens and cleans the poop out of the pen. He gets them fresh water and feeds the cat. He unloads the dishwasher. Today he made scrambled eggs and helped Tate with homework as well. 

He gets Tate's shoes and socks, makes the orange juice, cleans his room and anything else I ask him to do. He rarely ever complains. He doesn't get an allowance. He just helps because that is what families do.

Before I even see Tanner in the morning, I hear the laundry basket sliding across the floor. He always folds the laundry first thing in the morning. Well, at least sorts it and delivers it to the individual rooms. This is such a huge help to me. I really hate folding laundry. Tanner wants to earn some money so he comes home to ask what extra jobs he can do. My philosophy on jobs and allowance are that there are certain things we are just expected to do because we are in a family and shouldn't be paid for. If they want to earn money, they can do extra jobs. There is always an opportunity for that. Tallin never even asks for extra money so I make sure he is compensated when he needs some cash. 

I have learned to hand out more jobs with these two. I didn't need as much help with my first child so he didn't have as many chores handed out. Sure wish I did give him more. He needed that. You learn as you go. 

It is a beautiful day ahead. I could have used a little more sleep but there is always another day for that. 

Enjoy and look for something beautiful.

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