Monday, April 16, 2012

Women Stuff.

As I have gone on in years, my special time of month has brought me more and more misery. I get grumpy, the house will never be clean enough, major cramps and the special time is twice as long and comes much earlier. Yuck. So, in my reasoning, I thought there must be two reasons this is happening. Most people will just say it just happens as you get older and leave it at that. My brain tells me there is always a reason and if there is a reason, I should be able to fix it. 

So, I went with two possibilities that are probably coexisting together: yeast issues and hormones. To fix it, I have been doing a yeast cleanse, liver cleanse and lots of B complex. Yesterday, after doing this for a few months now, I realized; hey! I haven't had any cramps, mood swings or bloating in 3 months! Nothing! I hardly even noticed my special visitor! Amazing and wonderful at the same time! I feel so much better.

Another connection to yeast has been my wrist issues. For several years I have had joint pain in my wrists. I even had an MRI done and they saw cysts in the joints. It was to the point where I couldn't even bend my wrists to push myself out of bed. I even had a cortisone shot in one of them; never, ever again! I asked what the cysts were and they told me that we just get them sometime. Whatever. Don't buy it. You could physically see bumps on my wrists. I had had them for a good 5+ years. In my reasoning again, I thought, hey! Why could that yucky goop filled cyst not be yeast? Yeast collects in our joints and that causes pain. So, after doing the yeast cleanse a few times, guess what? No cysts. No joint pain. Nothing! I just realized this as well a few weeks ago. I can do a push up without a closed fist. I can crack my kids back with a flat hand. 

I am amazed how the body speaks to us if we are listening. It can be healed. Arthritis, cysts, blood sugar issues, stomach issues, anxiety, allergies, acne, eczema, asthma, Autism, etc., all fixed by natural healing in this house. No drugs. A little dedication. Some supplements. Some research. Some inspiration. Some faith. Blessings. Health. Happiness.

The problem is most of us want the pill. We want it fast. Even if we do a cleanse of sorts, we end it too quickly (guilty) or give up if we see the unfavorable reaction of the body at first (guilty). I felt like I had the stomach flu for 2 weeks and I had horrible joint pain in my hips. It was a sure sign of the yeast being pulled out of my joints. But, this time, I stuck with it. This time I suffered through the misery believing I would see blessings in the end. Boy did it pay off. 

If you have yeast problems, a 2 week or one month cleanse won't cure you. You need to be on a treatment for 6 months at least and spot treating it after that. Yeast is stubborn. It will come back and must be monitored. 

Hormones are greatly affected by yeast and B vitamin deficiencies. Adding B complex to your morning routine along with Zinc and Cod oil will do wonders. If you are particularly stressed , you need more B complex. You can't OD on the B vitamins as they will come out in your urine. I take two capsules every morning. I take the Cod oil for my joint health and for  many other reasons. I take a couple herbal supplements for yeast in the morning and night and a good probiotic as well. 

Take care of yourself, ladies. Don't settle for feeling old just because you are getting older. You can feel good. I promise. It just takes a little work and determination. 


Annabeth said...

I love you. You are amazing. You are enlightened, and you enlighten me. I'll take care of my yeast issues, later. (ha ha ha). Okay, how 'bout when I get back from NYC next and have 8 weeks to get in a habit of some sort.

Are you using Feel Good Foods yeast cleanse? Have you ever heard of MMS?

Shari Goodman said...

You are always my best cheerleader, Annabeth! Wish I could go to NYC with you to hold your hand! I haven't heard of MMS. What is it? I rotate my herbals for yeast. I am doing feel good foods now but I started with Kolorex which made me feel horrible! you can get it from Amazon. It is also an herbal for yeast. I then rotate Allimax, Golden seal, Black Walnut and Uva Ursi. Yeast likes a variation. Capryllic acid is also great. I have decided to keep at it for 9 months.

Anonymous said...

So inspirational! Speaking of hormones, do you think that taking a birth control pill can contribute to hormonal issues, such as anxiety, depression, ect? I'm guessing so since natural always seems to be better.

Shari Goodman said...

Absolutely! Birth Control is all about hormones. It will do a number on you!

Jana said...

I am interested in your yeast cleanse. Can you post these to your blog

Anonymous said...

What are the specifics of your yeast claeanse?

RPH said...

Just pulled out My Feel Good Foods cleanse to share with a friend. I am going to get this info to her too. As always, thanks a milion! Youre awesome!

rachel said...

that's so cool that you fixed your wrist issue and your bad cramps. i love reading stories of natural healing. good job.

RPH said...

and one more thing, just to clarify my understanding. Yeast will come back quicker if you eat more breads and sugars? Can you help keep it at bay by cutting down on those?

Shari Goodman said...

I will post about yeast tomorrow but you can google "yeast" on my blog to get more info now. I have a few options I do so I will fill you all in. Yes, Raygon, sugars and bread feed the yeast. If you crave sugar, it is the yeast in the body asking you for it. Since I am not going to give up sugar or bread entirely, I have to make sure i keeping my yeast in control with some herbals for now. Till tomorrow!

Alena Jo said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I have known for quite some time that basically everyone in my family has a yeast problem. Even my 11 year-old son. Thank you for sharing what you do to help yourself cleanse. I'm so excited to start taking supplements and sticking to a way of eating that will kill the yeast or at least not encourage them to stay. For my kids, I'm waiting until school is out for the summer, to really start everything.

I would love to order a Feel Good Foods kit and B complex. How far does the Feel Good Foods kit go if it's being shared with multiple people in the same family? Should I get more than one? We have Kolorex, but haven't been consistent with it. I will do better... Should I just email you about the supplements order?

Again, thanks!!