Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Women Stuff....yeast questions.

So I stirred up a few emails with my last post. Many found a good connection between health issues they were having and possible yeast issues. I have posted about this in depth before so you can read more about yeast here: (part 1)


And here: (part 2)


I had recommended some cleanses on those posts but there are a few more that I rotate in to the mix. Starting with the Feel Good Foods cleanse is great since it gives you a colon cleanse and glutamine as well. It will last you a couple months. I am huge into rotating supplements as the body gets used to a certain herb. I then go to a supplement called Kolorex which can be found online at Amazon for much cheaper than at my naturopath. She is seeing great results with this product on yeast and she does the tests to prove it. I did that for a month but would recommend two months. 

After that, I rotate in the New Beginnings herbal liquid drops or you can go back to the Feel good foods. There is a 4 pack of garlic, Uva Ursi, Golden Seal and Black Walnut from New Beginnings. You rotate those on a 5 day rotation. 

With yeast, if you aren't committed to sticking with it for months, you are just going to let it keep coming back to haunt you. You need a probiotic as well at night to help the good bacteria flourish and replace the empty yeast spots. 

Sugars and bread will feed yeast so eat a little better when trying to kill yeast. 

In addition to killing yeast, I take 2 B complex in the morning, 1 Milk Thistle capsule for a liver cleanse and 1 T. of Cod liver oil. 

At night, I take 1 milk thistle along with the yeast supplement and a probiotic at bedtime. You want to take the yeast supplement at dinner and the probiotic at night. 

Sometimes I forget and only take the yeast supplement in the morning. After you have done it for a few months, you can get away with just a morning dosage if you forget. 

So, there you go. That is my routine. 

I can order supplements this week if anyone is interested. 

B complex is $26
Feel Good Foods kit is $70
New Beginnings kit is $85
Cod liver oil is $32
Milk Thistle is $20
Probioitics $49

If funds are low but you want to do something, just start with Kolorex and a probiotic. I would highly recommend B complex for all my ladies! 


Amie said...

I took a Super B Complex recently and I noticed a horrible taste in my mouth after a few days of taking it, so I had to stop. Any other Suggestions? or possible reasons to why that was?

Shari Goodman said...

It is important to get a good quality vitamin without the fillers. You could be reacting to a filler or it could be a detox affect. I would try a better brand that is pure and see if you have that effect.

Melissa said...

do you know if these products can be taken while breastfeeding? I'm interested in doing it because I have a lot of joint pain in my fingers and yeast may be the culprit, but I have a 2 month old that I'll probably breastfeed for another 18 months or so. Do you know?