Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 12 and some gardening.

Day 12 was lovely. I played in the dirt a little. Not as much as I wanted because it is too hot to plant everything that I wanted. However, I do have some wonderful things growing:

Spinach. I am so happy you are back.

Little carrot seedlings popping up. This field is my multi-colors. Purple, red, orange and yellow. 

 Spicy little radishes. They popped up in only 3 days. 

I planted some romaine under my cucumber trellis and they came up great. Problem is, it became hotter again and these baby romaines are bolting. Chicken food. 

Still more cantaloupe. Several of them. I need to pull them up but how can I? They are so sweet and delicious. 

I have lots more growing and this month marks my goal of picking something every day for a year. It has worked. Never a day without something ready to be picked. Here's to another year. 

This year the bugs have been out of control at my house. Lots of ants, lots of crickets, lots of roaches and lots of garden bugs. A few years back, if you remember, I had my home sprayed by a pest control company and one day, they sprayed my garden and baby stroller. It was a tragedy. I cried all day. I cut off all ties with pest control at that point and have not had one since. Now, I am paying the price. My sister in law told me about a company our naturopath recommended called Lady Bug Pest Control. They use natural products like Eucalyptus oils and DE. I called them up and they went to work. I still won't let them near the chickens or garden but there are dead roach bodies as evidence of it's power. Thank you. I still don't like pest control, though.

Anyhow, on to me and what I eat.

It really is getting easy. Many of you email me that you can't do it. That you are totally addicted to sugar and baked goods. Believe me. You can do it. You can change your taste buds. Take it one day at a time. Start small. Just limit at first then cut it off. If I can, anyone can. I promise.

Breakfast: Fried egg, berries and GF toast

Lunch: Leftover sweet potato salad and hummus with some Mary's gone Crackers sticks. They are totally GF and organic and made with various types of seeds. I used the curry kind. It made a great dipping stick and was a welcomed crunchy snack. 

Dinner: I was still craving my pasta that I didn't get the other night at the restaurant. I have lots of basil in the garden so I made a quick, fresh dish.

I found the Brown Rice pasta in an organic version. I just love this pasta. It tastes just like the wheat noodles. 

Saute some garlic, zucchini and diced tomatoes in olive oil until barely tender. Add chopped basil and saute just until wilted. The tomatoes should get a bit saucy. I used about 5 tomatoes and one zucchini with about 3 cloves minced garlic and 1/2 cup basil. I added a little more olive oil to make it all stick. Season in up with some sea salt and pepper.

Toss in hot noodles and serve with some ribbon sliced fresh spinach. 

I made some GF Focaccia with tomatoes and basil on top and it went in the trash. It tasted like pizza gum. I hate tapioca starch. Why did I try it? 

My arm was itching the night before. I ate a little too much fruit at the party Sunday. I am pretty sure that activated the yeast which caused the itching. My theory. I am laying off a bit. A little a day is fine. 


Annabeth said...

You are inspiring.

Wow, do people really feel like they can't go without sugar for a day or two? Or even a week? Sugar has such a hold on people, it's scary.

Your garden looks beautiful, and it is an exercise for me in not being envious!! You have dedicated lots of time and work and sweat to that, and you deserve to pick something everyday. Job FANTASTICALLY done!! Someday I'll follow your lead.

Remember when I said that soaking grains was just too far out of my box, out of my realm and too time consuming? Haha. Baby steps. Although I don't do it all the time, it no longer overwhelms me. I can do it! I DO do it! I'm even sprouting alfalfa seeds frequently for me and Abigail.

So keep sowing those seeds for people. Someday, they will sprout.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Just loving your posts!! Thanks so much. Why don't you do a post on how to start your own garden...that would be awesome!

Adrianne said...

Yes people you can do it!! Just follow Sherri's meals to the T until you can do it on your own. You may not lose a pound a day like she did (it took me a week to lose a pound) but you will be happy you did it anyway!