Thursday, October 18, 2012

The end of the 30 days. Almost.

The 30 day project almost finished up. It was the best   I could do. I was a couple days short since I was in the hospital. All I ate for those two days was a cup of sherbet so there went the sugar. It was all I could keep down so I justified it. Anyways, 30 days is over. When I checked into the hospital, I was 10 pounds down. I felt great and pleased with the progress. Like I said, it was never about the weight but I have to admit, I sure liked how it felt and looked. I was a bit sad after the surgery from the swelling that my waistline was expanded again after all my hard work but it will go down again, I am sure of it. Thanks to everyone for their kind words, flowers, emails and meals. I feel loved. I really underestimated how I would feel and needed the help. Thanks.

As far as the 30 days, I am so glad I did it and think it would be a great idea to do it at least once a year. The sugar tastes way too sweet now although the chocolate my sister in law gave me was heavenly! I did stop at two squares though so there's progress. I don't crave it and that was the point. I did eat the heck out of some chips and tomatillo salsa my friend Kerri brought by. My stomach felt fine and my mouth was elated. I will continue to eat in moderation so that all all progress is not lost. I was sad that I had to have antibiotics in the hospital. Yeast loves that. I hope that my hard work didn't get destroyed after those three IV's. 

I have lots of recipes I am still sifting through that many of you sent. I can't wait to try them when I am up and going again. I am doing my best to take it easy right now so that healing will be quicker. I am not so good at holding still so this is the greatest challenge of it all but the payoff will be great! 

How are you all feeling? Did any of you stick with it? Did you see the results? Fill me in.

I have one gallon of Gold Label Coconut oil for $60 if you want it. I had a no show. 


Annabeth said...

"The best you could do" was awesome and inspiring!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your journey and recipes and thoughts. Hope your body heals and waistline returns and all your hard work continues to pay off!!


Mike Carlson said...

It was a nice article!

It was truly inspiring, hope that all of us can have your dedication too.

Adrianne said...

Today is my last day and then I can say...I DID IT!! So happy I did. I am only down 3 lbs which I lost in the first 2 weeks but I did start running again so the muscle vs fat may be causing the scale to stagnate. I did give myself a "cheat day" while out with friends. 1 day is pretty good when it seems so many opportunities seem to cause you to want to say "just this 1 time." Yeah to everyone who stuck it out! I for one am not going back to my old ways!

Shari Goodman said...

Way to go, Adrianne! I didn't exercise much at all so I am sure my numbers reflect my lost muscle weight! Either way, our tummies are happy!

Miss Niss said...

i did 100% until yesterday...we had taco salad for my daughters requested bday dinner...i gave in and had tortilla chips...i cudnt pass up the guacamole!!!!! i definitely felt a difference in my body tho and know that the corn effects me so i wont be eating those again anytime soon:) i lost 5 lbs in the first 2 weeks and then it has fluctuated since...i am still nursing so i think that has a lot to do with it....i had red dots around my eyes for the longest time after having baby #5 and i cudn't figure out what it was from! they are no longer there, so it was definitely from something i was eating. i am so glad i decided to do this and i am not going back to eating those things anytime soon, especially after how i'm feeling since eating those tortilla chips, completely bloated and just yucky. i stayed completely away from all refined sugars and didnt have much sweeteners at all...i only had fruit even a handful of times. i cant say i'll be 100% forever...but for now i'm happy to continue to do what i'm doing!!!

Shari Goodman said...

Way to go, Miss Niss! Corn chips were the first thing I ate when I went off and my stomach was OK but I didn't feel as good as I have without them. You start to feel so good that you don't really want to eat the junk anymore. Moderation is key, of course but a happy tummy is so worth the dedication! I am so proud.