Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 21,22,23.

There's not a whole lot to tell here. It is really rather boring. I didn't try any new recipes. I didn't make anything spectacular. We had ball games. Family gatherings. Debates to watch. Poison control to call (Tate helped him self to his iron supplement). Carpools. You know, all the regular stuff. I have so many things I want to make and try but who really has the time. I still make great dinners for my family but I just usually eat the sides. 

I have a new cow ready to be slaughtered so I have to use the last of my meat up in the freezer. I had a big prime rib hogging up the room so I cooked it up this week. It was a lot of meat. We had prime rib one day with herb roasted veggies, potatoes and salad. I used the left over meat the next day for stew. The biscuits were sorely missed. I didn't have time to try the gluten free variety and the big kids wouldn't have wanted them anyways. What did we eat the other day? I don't even remember.  I had lots of green smoothies, pancakes, eggs, crepes with applesauce (breakfasts are always easy) and a little bit of potato chips. I am such a foodie and I am sort of disenchanted with food right now. I really couldn't tell you want I want but I don't really care about food right now. It sort of bugs me to have that attitude. I am sure with a little more time under my belt my desire for great food will return. I want to go out to a crazy new restaurant, one of my favorite pastimes, but I don't trust what they put it in. I get inspired by new restaurant dishes but I am left with little to no creativity right now since I haven't been to one. 

Anyhow, it will all return, I am sure. The good side is that this diet is pretty easy since I don't really care about what I am eating right now. I am down about 8 pounds and I need to go buy some new pants. I will hold off in case this doesn't stick! My tummy feels very happy. My allergies have greatly diminished. My arm isn't itchy. My eyes aren't puffy. My objectives have been met. It has been worth it. It really is a very little sacrifice. If we fix our little issues before they become big illnesses, it is so much easier! If you wait until you have full blown diseases, you won't get over that in a 30 day cleanse! 

My son brought home some amazing looking pumpkin donuts and I smelled them. Oh my. I wait all year for pumpkin goodness and I had to pass it by. That was a little challenging but it passed and I made it. I am almost done. That doesn't mean I am just going to go out and buy a dozen donuts. It means that I will let myself have a little now and then. I don't really want the sugar at all but maybe just a little treat to usher in the pumpkin season! I do still want a good mango chicken taco! That will happen!

Monday is my surgery. I have a huge list of all I need to get done so that mom can check out for a little while. The clock is ticking and not much has been crossed off. The garden needs to be finished, showers cleaned, bills paid, kitchen stocked, toes painted and on and on. Tate has a Bday tomorrow and family is in town. I suppose life will go on if everything isn't done but I would feel better. I feel as healthy as I can be for surgery right now. I think my body is ready to take it. I did the work. I hope it is enough. With that said, this will probably be my last post for a week or so. I will finish off this diet. I will do my very best while in the hospital. I will report to you in a week to give you the final low down. I hope some of you are still on board and are feeling the benefits of eating clean. I wish I had more recipes to post. I will continue to post more allergy free recipes when I recover a bit. Just bear with me. 

Talk to you soon! Wish me luck!


Tiffany said...

Good luck!! You are so inspiring...sometimes a little overwhelming...but inspiring :). I'm not a huge cook...I don't feel like I "know how"..and with Ty working nights for so long...I have never really had to be a fancy cook. I believe in food for curing us...but luckily none of us have ever been too affected by illness so it hasn't had to be a huge priority (other than my baby's ear infections that you cured for us with the milk allergy all the sprouting/soaking talk always stresses me out...BUT I did take the challenge to start eating clean. I too cut out fruit as well as all sugars.. including all artificial ones (this is my first time ever doing that)...I FEEL AMAZING!! I have lost 5 pounds in 5 days...the food I have made has been delicious (using recipes from the belly fat cure book for now)...and it is crazy that I do not even crave any sugar at all...and I seem so much more full all the time (I know you are the opposite with that right now..but I haven't eliminated all the things you have) I wanted to say thank you again for giving me that extra push...that little bit of motivation to get going! Good luck with your surgery...I'm sure you will have a speedy recovery due to all of your preparations!

Desiree Anderson said...

I hope your surgery goes well, my big surgery was in July of 2011 and I have felt so much better. My recovery was short and I felt so good that I often had to remind myself of that all important rule. Do not lift heavy objects! When you are feeling up to it I would like to talk to you about your healthy diet. My emotions have consumed my eating habits. I need to change this because I feel yucky most of the time. My joints ache along with my heart and I need to start on my path to overcome this. I also want to tell you about the London MTC experiences Kelsey had. Although she is in a different mission, their MTC experiences will be similar. There is so much Church History in England. My daughter Brooke will be putting in her papers in December so my life continues to change. I hope the boys are doing well and Tanner is adjusting to Jr. High. I miss seeing them and think of them often. I know I shouldn't have favorites but your boys are on that list. May you have a speedy recovery and no lifting!!!