Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 14 and 15.

Man alive. Life is busy. Having time to actually be in the kitchen seems impossible. We have two baseball teams, football and soccer and that means lots of practices, lots of games and lots of nights away. Somehow we have been fed but I have had to have a few compromises lately on quality. The kids don't mind so much. I do.

There hasn't been anything real exciting to report to you. I am down about 6 pounds total and wouldn't mind three more. I feel good and that is the real payoff. If you eat right, you feel better. It is as simple as that. We really don't have any right complaining about our health ailments if we aren't doing all we can to make it better. We always have to do our part.

I am going to combine both days as far as food goes:

Breakfast: French toast with GF raisin bread using coconut milk, eggs and vanilla. YUMMY!

Oatmeal and green smoothie.

Lunch: I don't have time for lunch so it has been hummus, cucumbers, apples, rolled up ham slice (Applegate farms organic, uncured) avocado, smoothies,or whatever else is available.

Dinner: Day 14 we had the leftover chili and fries. Lots of fresh veggies with it as well.

Day 15 had a lovely dinner planned of grilled apricot Chipotle chicken but that got squashed when my daughters battery died and I had to make an emergency trip to Costco along with two baseball carpools. Ugh. Unless we wanted to eat dinner after 8, I had to take drastic measures. I bought the Costco Rotisserie chicken and made some sides at home. It is gluten, msg and dairy free but I don't ever buy them since they are not organic and have "natural flavors" . I suppose we won't die after one chicken.

iphone photos are horrible.

I made sauteed green beans with scallions and bacon. I also made some mashed potatoes with almond milk, garlic and Earth Balance butter. Skins were left on and the potatoes were just mashed, not whipped. We added some fresh fruit and it was a meal in 10 minutes. It would have been so much better with the Apricot chipotle chicken. That will have to wait. 

This next week is going to be challenging on the cooking. We have family coming in town and parties all week. Lots of goings on. Somehow I need to find time to create some good meals and keep it healthy and homemade. I can do it.


Kelly Bowen said...

It was mentioned in a previous post about yeast treatment supplements you take. Could you post what your rotating pill schedule is and why you take them when you do? The GAPS diet is something I would very much like to do, but not sure where to start with the supplement part of it. Thanks!!

Shari Goodman said...

Kelly, you can do a search on my blog about yeast and it talks about the yeast products I do but I can touch base on that again on a new post. To kick off a yeast cleanse, I love the Feel Good foods yeast cleanse the best then rotate different products after that. There is a link on my sidebar for their website with free ebooks. I order the kits all the time to save shipping if you want one.

Kelly Bowen said...

Thank you! Thank you! I will start with the Feel Good Foods cleanse. I somehow missed what supplements you take so I will search.

Shari Goodman said...

I had a few others ask so I am going to do a little yeast post tomorrow. Stay tuned!