Thursday, May 7, 2009

To Do list

May is exhausting. There is band concerts, choir concerts, every award banquet imaginable, Mother's Day teas, Baseball tournaments and team parties, etc. It is only the 8th and I am ready for it to be Memorial Day.  I had plans today of canning and organizing my husbands closet.Funny little enlightened homemaker. What a dreamer.  Instead, a Mother's Day Tea, Costco, Mother's Day shopping and preparing for a class tonight. I must be coming down with Chronic Fatigue syndrome. I am just too tired today. I just want to forget about that long "To Do" list and be that cute 20 something girl I saw riding her bike with her cute work out clothes this morning jamming to her ipod. Just today I don't want to be the girl with the long list. I want to be sitting on the beach, perhaps next to my husband who at this very moment is enjoying the warm beaches of Costa Rica. I will pretend to be happy for him. OK. Maybe I am wallowing in self pity today. But, wouldn't you if instead of going to Costa Rica you got to take a trip to Costco?  I'll get over it. Tomorrow is a new day and who knows what adventures are in store for me.....maybe I will go crazy and go to target and buy something not on my list . Crazy.     

I thought all you ladies who have that "To Do" list hanging on the fridge might enjoy this little video from Hillary Weeks. I was able to see her at Women's Conference and she hits it on the nose. Enjoy.

Click HERE

PS. I am placing an oil order again Monday if anyone needs anything.


The Glenns said...

You get WC and he gets Costa Rica? Nice. Happy Mother's Day.

Rachel said...

shari, will you order me a spice of life and a peppermint oil thanks!