Friday, November 5, 2010

Falling for it?

I read labels. Always have. But, even if you are a label reader, do you know what you are reading? Do you believe what "they" are telling you? I have read a few this week that made me shake my head about the deception going on.

My organic cheese package had a statement right on the front: 

     "The FDA states that no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from cows treated with artificial hormones and those not treated with artificial hormones."

Apparently, the FDA doesn't know where to look for it's data. How come the use of hormones are banned in other countries with it's livestock? How come we have countless studies of how the artificial hormones in our livestock is correlated with the increase of early puberty? Who knows what other problems it causes but other countries have seemed to figure it out. Come on FDA! Really.

    I then read the label of a Yoplait Light that a little one was eating and it said right on the front:

     " With Aspartame & other Sweetener!"

It was in big letters like it was a celebration! It really should have read, 

     "Now, with new cancer causing , artificial sweeteners that may have less calories but have side effects linked from everything from arthritis to brain tumors." 

    Once again, aspartame is banned in most countries. Lucky America. We can get it in everything.

      One of my very favorite labels are those dawning the cereal boxes. Cereal doesn't take up residence in my pantry but today apparently was "cereal day" at the High School. Pretty sure that was made up by a few kids but nonetheless, my High Schoolers went out the door with some plastic bowls, spoons and a container of milk. Ugh. At least it was organic, raw milk but the mere idea that it was going to be poured over sugar cereal took real self control for me. They are big, I can't make every decision for them. One bowl won't kill them but really......lunch? Anyways, my son had Froot Loops. How could he? 

Well, right there on the box, it let him know he was making a "Smart Choice." The green check mark reaffirmed that. Good to know. I had no idea he was making a good food choice when he drove himself to the store to pick out this box full of "essential minerals and vitamins". Glad the "Smart Choices Program" is watching out for him.  Are you falling for it? 

The world is deceiving us. America is the center of it. Did you know that the Italian government requires that the school lunches are organic? They even get mozzarella made fresh daily. Another reason I want to move there. American school lunches are ridiculous. Uncrustables....a lunch??!!! What the heck. White pasty, chemically processed bread, crust removed and pasted together with purple high fructose jelly and plastic, sugar filled peanut butter. Yum. That's brain food right there. You could also choose the yogurt cup. Trix. It is packed with sugars; the fake ones, food coloring; a variety of those also and hormone filled milk. Another great choice.  Wonder why we lead the world with ADD, ADHD and autism? 

Bottom line: The government is not looking out for us. Money rules these agencies. YOU must take control. Grow it, make it, buy organic, buy local. So very worth it. You get one body. Real food for Real People. 


Jilynn said...

Have you ever read the book The Unhealthy Truth? It is such a good book all about this. The scandal behind aspartame getting approved by the FDA, why food allergies are so much more prevalent today, and about all the chemicals that are banned in other countries but used so often in ours. Very eye opening! Great post!

Just Jill! said...

Hi Shari... where do you get your raw milk? I have started eating raw and short of getting at the dairy in Duncan, AZ, I don't know where to get it. I live in Thatcher now. Any suggestions?

Shari Goodman said...


I get my cows milk from Save your Dairy in Queen Creek but they may have a drop off in your area. Check their website. I am also now going to use mostly raw goats milk from a friend. It is much easier on the body.

Kara said...

"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson

Shari Goodman said...


I love that quote! Thanks for reminding me of it. Such wisdom even before food was ruined!

Mom Resources said...

I loved your post! I also read the labels every time I shop I have a 3 year old with food allergies, and reading the labels has been an eye opener on how much unhealthy stuff is used in our food. Definitely I think the best way to eat is eat as less processed food as possible, avoid fast food and go organic.

One rule I am applying is, if the ingredients list has more than 5 ingredients or if the ingredients sound more like a chemical than a real food, then don't buy it, so far it has worked for me.

Great post!

Kelli Brown said...

Great post, Shari.