Tuesday, November 16, 2010


years ago when we were poor college students, we lived in apartment without a microwave. With little money and little kitchen space, we decided to not get a microwave. I wondered how we would thaw food. It amazed me how very little I missed it and somehow we made it for 2 years without a microwave. It took a little planning ahead for meals sometimes but it worked. 

We have one now and it is used to reheat and thaw on occasion. I have never cooked in it and would never treat it like an "oven" to prepare meals but, I put in a frozen muffin or thaw butter now and then.

However, thanks to one of my great friends, Terri, who knows lots and lots, she has reminded me today on her blog that I need to quit the microwave altogether. Take a moment and read her post and listen the the video. Ignorance will never save us. I love to hear how other countries ban things and in America we keep it around. The Soviet Union banned the microwave in the 70's. Why do we insist on killing ourselves in America through indulgence? Listen also closely to the information about heating up baby formula in the microwave and what it does to the ingredients. Funny how they have always said to not heat up breast milk as it will kill the nutrients. Why is it any different from any other food?

Many of us are trying really hard to have good foods in our home. We go through the effort to buy organic, grow it, cook it and learn what our bodies need and then we nuke it. We destroy what is good. I love these little reminders and although some days I wish I didn't know anything, I am sure glad I have ladies out there to remind me. We all need support groups. We all need pep talks. 

Nuking is out. Guess I need to go get a toaster oven again. Maybe I will tell Santa.

Read Terri's post here:thirning.blogspot.com/2010/11/dangers-of-microwaving-food.html

From another reader, Earth Mama, read here:http://aspiringearthmama.blogspot.com/2010/09/microwave-free-living.html

Few minutes later.....

Since I am one to dive in all the way when I learn and decide to make changes, this is what I just bought: (love the internet, couldn't wait for Santa.)

Don't really know where I am going to put it but I am excited for that brown box to come, nonetheless. You can even dehydrate in it! It has a defrost feature so that is my main draw and a way to heat up some left overs without heating up the whole oven.Had to have it....for the kids health, you know.


Aspiring Earth Mama said...

We got rid of ours a couple months ago. Super easy to do. Here are my tips for microwave free living on my blog...http://aspiringearthmama.blogspot.com/2010/09/microwave-free-living.html

Shari Goodman said...

Thanks Earth Mama! Loved your post. I will link it as well.

Aspiring Earth Mama said...

Thank you! Love your blog. :)

Penfold's said...
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kami said...

we still have a microwave because we live in a rental and it's installed above the stove, but i have wanted to stop using it so badly. we recently got a toaster convection oven from costco and are IN LOVE. it is awesome! since we got it, we haven't used the microwave. when we finally get our own house someday, i'm excited to not even have a microwave available!

Mary said...

Merrill won't let us use the microwave - like you said - it kills pretty much everything good -we learned it will turn something that is nice and alkaline to acidic just by putting it in the microwave