Thursday, July 22, 2010


The more I learn about food, the more I am absolutely sure that food has been placed here on this earth for a much greater purpose than to merely keep us alive. Food can heal. The more we learn and understand about the incredible supply of food that we have been given, the greater ability we will have to heal our ailing bodies naturally and to prevent further disease. I am sure of it. Absolutely.

I love to pick apart one food at a time and today's little adventure in food is going to be centered on fennel. Most of you may have never in your life ever purchased a fennel let alone knew what it looked like. Read on and you may want to pick one up next time you go to the market.

Italian's know what's up with fennel. It is very common for fennel to be served at the end of a meal. Why? Well fennel aids in digestion. If you have paid attention to me at all in my years of blog lectures, you will know that digestion is very important to me. If you can't digest it, it will not help you; in fact, it can harm you. You need to be able to get the food processed as intended and fennel can help you do just that.

The alkalinity of fennel aids in digestion and helps to metabolize the fat in food. There is a male and a female fennel. The male is taller, more slender in appearance while the female has a wider base. Go figure. The male is better for digestion as it is less fibrous. But, we may not be able to be so picky at our stores. Any fennel will be helpful.

Another great attribute of fennel is it's ability to stimulate estrogen production. It is great for those with PMS problems or those going through menopause or low estrogen count. It can help ease cramps and menopausal disorders.

Fennel oil is great for skin. It is helpful for tightening skin and in treating oily skin. It is great as a moisturizer especially with coconut oil. It has been used for centuries in Europe for skin health.

Fennel can also help to detoxify the liver, uninflame joints and help with rheumatism. It is a natural anti inflammatory, analgesic and laxative.

If you haven't tasted fennel before, it has a licorice sort of taste. It is used in flavorings for toothpastes and mints and as a scent in soaps and perfumes. It is used in Jamaican recipes and spices and is one of my very favorite ingredients in my most favorite Spice Hunter blends, "Jamaican Jerk" spice. I will share more on that later.

You can get this as an essential oil so you can massage some right on the stomach for digestion issues or cramps or take some internally under the tongue. It is great to keep on hand when you travel.

Fennel oil is an inexpensive oil at $15. I have a couple on hand for any takers. There is also a special blend of digestive oils called Di-gest that has fennel along with a few other great digestive oils. It is especially helpful for those little colicky babies. It is $26 per bottle. My kids know what to do if they have an upset stomach and they swear by rubbing these oils on their stomachs. They smell like a stick of liquorice but they get instant relief.

I love not having to use medicine. We haven't touched a tums in years. Once again, use what grows and you will need nothing else. Promise.


Ranee said...

This is great information! Are there any books you would recommend about Essential Oils and/or nutrition or the healing properties of foods, herbs and spices? Each of our children have some special needs or issues that I would like to treat in a natural way, if I can! Thank you!

Shari Goodman said...


the best and easiest essential oil book I have seen is the Desk Reference book from Be Young. You just look up your issue and it gives you a list of oils you can use and how. It is so easy to navigate. It is $55 and you can get it from my store. As far as other books, I couldn't give you one book with all the information you need. I have read so many that I have found great info from. I would start with books on stomach issues since that is the gateway. If you want to email me some personal issues your children are dealing with, I can maybe direct you to certain books to get. I love Nourishing Traditions for a good basic understanding of foods. You can get that on my Amazon link. It is one of my favorites. The recipes are a little weird but the info itself is eye opening!

rachel said...

shari, will you order me a fennel oil? thanks.