Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eating Healthy on a Budget......

I hear from so many of you that it is just too expensive to eat healthy. With careful research, I am finding that there are so many ways to cut down the costs and to even save money over eating unhealthily. Sure, you are never going to get good organic cookies for the same price that you can buy a box of Little Debbies Zebra cakes of whom I have a secret love affair once in a great while with ... I know it's wrong and I don't even read the ingredients. However, with combining shopping and stocking items on sale and making your own cookies, you can keep your eating within budget. I have never done much of online grocery shopping, but with a few tips from some of you, I am learning what great bargains there are to be found on the net.

First of all, you can go to the companies you like and see if thy offer coupons. This Organic Valley is the buttermilk and cream that I buy and the milk for my yogurt. They offer a dollar off coupon on their site. I printed a few without a problem. Juicy Juice gave me some coupons by calling them of which I will use to purchase the apple juice only. I also checked out Amazon grocer and was really surprised at their prices. If you purchase over 25$ worth of products which is so easy to do, you get free shipping. No gas dollars spent! They have cans of Muir Glenn organic diced tomatoes for around $.50 per can, almost half the savings. You can get all kinds of organic snacks and cracker, cereals and cooking supplies at a great savings. You do have to buy in bulk but that just gets us a little more motivated to get our pantries stocked in case of emergencies. Sometimes that means only 6 boxes of something instead of one box at a time. They have the Annie's Mac n Cheese for $.50 less a box than at sprouts right now. Thanks for who ever told me to check out Amazon! I will definitely be placing an order.

As for produce, there are always deals to be had. Just try to plan the menus around the food that is on sale. I am excited to get my first basketful of goodies from Bountiful Baskets this Saturday. I know a lot of you are trying this out so I will have to post recipes using what's in these baskets. Let me know how you did on your order!

If any of you find great deals out there or websites, let me know. I am trying to find a local dairy that I can buy cream from that do not contain hormones. I used to buy all of my dairy this way. I would also like to find a place that sells farm eggs. I am tempted to get chickens but I remember being hunted down by a rooster from our chicken coop growing up, not sure I want to revisit those memories!

Pass on the tips, keep them coming. I am learning from all of you.


M_&_Em's_Momma said...

I am trying to find local eggs too! I will keep you posted if I find anything. I am also trying to find a local place for actual chicken and beef. Not sure if that is possible but that is the great thing about living here, still lots of farms around! :) And I know JUST what you mean about MSG headaches. We get them too now! :)

Ashlee said...

I heard the dairy on Higley and Hunt highway is organic and sells to the public. I haven't been there yet- but when I move back I plan on checking it out. May be worth the drive to see?

debby said...

I love to shop at They have all kinds of healthy and natural kosher food and snacks. The stuff is fresh and low prices.
btw I used a coupon bldc08 try it