Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A little more shopping tips.....

I haven't been to Walmart in quite some time but decided to see if there were any thing worthy in the health line to purchase. I was very surprised and actually quite excited. The stores are figuring it out. The people want good food and we don't want to have to pay top dollar for it. Walmart has the Nature's path line at prices that are almost the same as the Nabisco line. You can get the Chocolate Chip cookies for $2.74 and they also have the Crispy Wheats for about $2.00. They carry Annie's mac n cheese for $1.17 per box, the same price they sell Kraft for! The Herdez salsa was only 1.74 per bottle, $.26 less than the sale price I just paid to stock up on. Wish I waited! The only juice boxes I could find without natural flavors is the Minute Maid apple, they sell a pack of 10 for $2.50. The Natural Line chips from frito lay are $3.oo.
If we all buy these types of products, our voices will be heard and more stores will carry them and the price will keep going down. Supply and Demand. Remember.....the cookies and pasta are still white flour so moderation. You can get some whole wheat mac n cheese but check the ingredients on the Annies, not all the mac n cheese are free of natural flavors.
Friday I will have some new products for you. More recipes to come this week.

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andrea said...

I just purchased the Muir Glen tomoatoes and Annie's Mac & Cheese at Costco. Both were right around the same price as their non-organic counterparts. Thanks for all your great tips and recipes.