Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What If??????

What if there was a truckers strike, What if our borders were closed, What if we could not get gas, What if you lost your income? What if for only a few months, or a few weeks, we couldn't get supplies to our stores? Our grocery stores would run out of food in a couple of days, if not one day. If all of these What if's become realities, would you be able to feed your family?

Us crazy mormons have been talking about a year supply for decades and still many aren't even prepared for a week. Now, not only are the crazy mormons talking about it, it is all over the news. I am sure you have all heard about the rice rationing and the wheat supply problem. If not, turn on the news. This is a small part of the food supply, yet it is causing such a buzz. Why are we surprised? Do we just all expect that our food will just always be there. Do we take it for granted? Do we somehow think that this council is not for us? Let us all remember Noah and the people laughing at him for building the arc. Are we laughing? Are we prepared for the flood? Were you running to Costco to get your rice or were you sitting back feeling peaceful knowing you have a closet full of rice and wheat? Not only should we be worrying about the basic staples, but we should be focusing on what we eat everyday. I was listening to the news today and they, the news people, not the church, were advising people to stock up on food. "They" were saying that food prices are going to go up continually. It is time to prepare. Fill our freezers and our closets. The economy is a tricky thing right now and no one or no job is safe. There is no guarantee that we will just be able to go to the store and get what we want. That is a privilege. As mothers, we need to be able to take care of our families. We cannot live without food. New shoes can wait. I have my year supply of my basic staples. Now I am going to focus on a three month supply of what we eat daily. I am going to pick items each shopping period to focus on. Last time it was on tomato sauce, diced tomatoes and spaghetti sauce. This time I am going to stock up on Butter and Cheese. I will try to buy the things to put together a basic menu of dinners if I had to rely on what I had on hand. If you are starting from scratch, just start to stock up gradually. As much as you can afford.

I know that the world is a scary place to live in, especially now. But, I also know that if we are prepared, we need not fear. This is a promise. We have no excuse. We have been warned. Let us all make sure that we are ready for the What if's in our lives. It probably isn't a flood we have to worry about or earthquakes or wide spread drought. It may be as simple as a truckers strike that would leave us without a good food supply for a few weeks or months. It is time to get our houses in order.

There's my 2 cents for the day.

FYI Bountiful Baskets Orders are due April 30th, Wed.


Becky said...

Thank you!

Melissa said...

That's the best 2 cents I've heard in a while.

Laurie said...

Sometimes reading your blog just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! j/k glad I have most of my food storage done!

Melissa said...

We all need to get serious about this. There are many elements at work for a perfect storm to hit, but we don't need to fear if we're prepared. Thanks for the reminder.

Where did you hear this wasn't the correct artist rendering? If it isn't correct, I want to take it off my blog.

Tracey said...

This post is the perfect time to leave a comment. Our Store: Preparing Wisely, Emergency Supply & Food Storage is now open while we are still working on the finishing touches. We are going to have information on what we need to do to get prepared and how to do it. We are still working on our web site www.preparingwisely.com to but information and they products that we are carrying online.

Laurie said...

BTW I knew exactly which "SEEN" you were talking about - how funny!