Friday, April 25, 2008

Safe Food Friday

Not a whole lot to blog about this week. I didn't do a lot of shopping to check out new products. I did get emails from a few of you about two products at Fresh & Easy. Check out their Soy sauce and their BBQ sauce. They look good.

If I haven't mentioned the Healthful Handfuls from Costco, they are a good snack for the little ones. I saw on Amazon that you can order them also, and separately in case you don't want all of the varieties. They have the only cheesy, gold fish type crackers that I have seen that don't contain yeast extract. They taste good.

I also have to report that we cooked up some of the Annie's mac n cheese, the Arthur variety and it was not good. No one ate them. I will try another type and see if it is any good. I don't want to eat it just because it is healthy, I want it to taste good too!

I have also been told that the Nutri mill wheat grinder is on sale at Shar's I think until Mother's day. This is a must in every kitchen so if you don't have one, check it out. You can also visit her online at Shar's Bosch center. She will ship it. If you are going to cook with whole wheat, you really need to grind your own to get all of the vitamins. It also tastes so much better.

I will post a recipe tomorrow , one of my favorites. Have a good night enlightened homemakers of America!

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April Haymore said...

My kids won't eat the mac n cheese...annies arthur either!