Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 10.

 Too much meat. Without bread and corn, I have eaten more meat and my body was craving it which I don't usually do. But, tonight I had enough. We went out to Joe's BBQ and I had the meat plate, as the options dictated. The only other thing besides a plain green salad, no dressing, was the beans. I came home and wanted to purge. Way too heavy. Also, they I realized when I got home that the beans probably had some sugar in them. Duh. That explains my grumbly stomach. It doesn't feel as good as it did. The moral of the story is no eating out for a while. I just can't control it all. I know there are some options out there but if I can't see it, I won't know it is there.

I don't have any knew recipes today as I had planned, the day went too fast. Sorry. This next week will be better. I am craving new, flavorful recipes so I am googling away. 

Breakfast: I made pancakes, again but used brown rice and millet in place of the buckwheat. Got to rotate those grains! Instead of the cup of whole buckwheat, I used half brown rice, half millet. It was great. You can really use any gluten free grain here. 

Lunch: I just came home from Costco and had a few treats:

Organic strawberries. Have you tried them at Costco? AMAZING! These were actually picked on 9/26. How long do you think the ones at the store have been sitting there? They are so sweet and perfect. I had a few with some coconut water. Costco has a six pack of the Vita Coco. Yum. I am still trying to limit that since there are still fruit sugars.

I then had this: 

Guacamole with some organic potato chips. I missed the salty, crunchy things. It tasted just fine with potato versus the corn. I age almost a whole cucumber and a few blueberries. I intended on making a sweet potato but I was full. I probably ate one too many potato chips with guac. 

Dinner: You know the story; Joe's farm grill. Pulled pork and beans. It takes the fun out of Joe's when that's all you can have. Joe, we will have to put off our friendship for a while. You understand. 

If you are just gluten free, or just dairy free, dining out would be fine. Both and corn, not easy. 

As it usually goes, I have been flooded with info about gluten and sugar while doing this. If you didn't watch that little clip I put on my previous post, you need to go back and watch it. It helps you understand what wheat is doing to us and why it isn't what our grandma ate. I am convinced that the world will never change. We must change. We must be in  control. If we want to be healthy, the only way will be through controlling what we eat and becoming educated. It is simple. We just always want to make it complicated. Just after a short 10 days, my stomach feels so good, other than what I ate tonight. It is calm and happy which means it is doing it's job. The stomach is the gateway. It is the dictator. We need to pay attention.

When you do a diet, sometimes you focus so much on what you can't eat that you will eat about anything that you can eat. Meaning, sure, I can't have corn chips but I can have potato chips. Should I really have very many potato chips? No. They still aren't healthy. I am eating more meat since I can't eat bread,but I don't really believe that is very healthy. I need to change that a bit. This is a learning process. But, I know that feeling good is so much better than anything there is to eat. Nothing taste as good as healthy feels. Unfortunately, we often don't realize it until we are truly unhealthy. 

On the home front, my boys just reported that they made it out of the Grand Canyon alive. 25 miles in 12 hours. They won't be walking much tomorrow. Good job, boys! 


Miss Niss said...

i haven't eaten any more meat then i normally do by eating this way, but i have been having more eggs! haha...i have lost 4 lbs this week and feel good. i went to Charlestons last night with my mom (her fave place) they have a gluten free menu, i got the tilapia and seasonal veggies...the veggies were PERFECT, my mom says they always are...
they had a few gf salads, main entrees were mostly meat w/gluten free sides...i had to make sure they didnt put any butter on my veggies and no cheese on my side salad...they had GF dressings but i just used a little olive oil and salt and pepper....we have been gf for almost a year so that part of this way of eating isnt hard, but i agree the no corn and dairy is a little more difficult

Shari Goodman said...

Way to go! I will have to try Charlestons. Thanks for the info.