Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 7.

There was a little bit of a seven day itch this day. I sort of had the thought process of "why did I say a month" type thing. However, I pulled through and today has been fine. The problem was my hunger from the day before and a weak breakfast on day 7. But, my dinner made up for it and I feel just swell today. I even came home this afternoon to the smell of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, thanks to my daughter, and did just fine without them. The smell almost did me in. It was like fall and the holidays in one cute little muffin wrapper. 

The struggle with this diet isn't so much not being able to eat certain foods, it is the time it takes to plan it and cook it. I cook all the time but since I am also cooking for my other kids, I am making a few different options. I am a super busy lady right now so it can be hard if I am not on my game plan. Everything is homemade. I do that most the time anyways but this seems like it kicked it up a notch even more so. I am sure that if I did this long term, it would get easier but without corn, it cuts down so much more. I could have a taco for Pete's sake. I am glad this isn't a lifestyle for me. I will continue to eat less gluten and very rarely dairy or refined sugar but corn would be missed. Chips and salsa are important. 
As I was out and about shopping with my daughter this day and thinking how nice it would be to get a treat with her, I realized that it is the idea of the treat that I wanted and not the actual treat. There really wasn't one thing that my mouth wanted. Food is just such a social event. You have to change your thought process. I just focused on how nice it was to be out with my daughter and enjoyed a nice cup of ice water.

Day 7 food:

Breakfast: Way too busy. I had toast. 

Lunch: I had tuna salad on romaine. It was filling and flavorful. I used albacore tuna, Vegenaise, shredded carrots, onions, dill, salt and pepper, cucumbers and chopped apples in the tuna salad. I had a big bowl full.

Snack: Green smoothie

Dinner: Mock Costa Vida Salad. There is a little bit of a sad story here. I had been thinking all week about this salad and how I was going to get the gluten/dairy free sweet pork from Costa Vida and make the rest at home and when I got up to the counter, I realized, duh! It has sugar in it! Ugh. My craving was shot down. I ordered me the grilled chicken. I could have done that at home easily. But, it did save a minute. Not the same flavor but still wonderful.

Here's how it went down in minutes:

Costa Vida grilled chicken (by the way, all their meats and salsa's and sauces are gluten free and most dairy free)
Black Beans
Lime Cilantro rice. Recipe here. (substitute butter)
Creamy tomatillo dressing. (half vegenaise, half roasted tomatillo salsa. I used Fresh and Easy brand. It is sugar free.

I ate it again for dinner tonight. It was sooooo yummy! Dairy, corn, gluten, sugar and soy free. You are not missing a thing. Well, chips and salsa would have been nice. 

Another little thing I like right now is:

Since I have only been drinking water, a little something different is welcome. I am now craving this all the time. It is such a good drink and is only pure coconut water. No sugar. No additives. It replenishes electrolytes and gives you a little lift especially after you have spent hours outside at ball games. 

I am writing this so late that day 8 has already happened. I will catch you up tomorrow. My belly is full. I feel good. 

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