Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 6.

The hard thing with this diet is that if you don't have things prepared and you run out of time, you don't get to eat much. Today I was hungry. I had my preschool all day with no time in between. I had only minutes to eat before going to two back to back ball games so I didn't get to eat as much as I wanted then as well. With this food, it doesn't hold long in your stomach. Glutenous and dairy laden food sticks to you since it is harder to process. I would very rarely eat lunch when I had a big breakfast of whole wheat pancakes. Gluten free ones only last in my belly an hour or two. It is great that the food is processed so quickly. That's what we want but it is hard on a girl who ran out of time to eat. I think I should have dropped some weight yesterday but my monthly friend came and shot that one out the door. I usually shoot up a few pounds during that special time but I at least held steady. Speaking of monthly friends, a couple things:

1st, with B complex and a healthy diet, I don't have any cramps. Super. The other thing is , with a hysterectomy scheduled in a couple weeks, this is my last monthly visitor. I am both excited and nervous! I am calling on you, my friends who have had their wombs removed, what is your success/horror stories? Do you recommend it? I have wrestled with this idea for years and finally decided to bite the bullet for several reasons I won't get into. Everyone I have talked to has sang  praises of their hysterectomy. I would love to hear other stories as well. Please share. 

Back to my day 6. I have no desire at all for sweets! Last time I did no sugar, it took me two weeks. This is much better. 

Breakfast: Apple blender waffles.

These are light and fluffy with a hint of apple cinnamon. You can eat them plain. I did. They are easy as pie. You can find the recipe here. They also freeze well so next time I will make a few extra. 

Lunch: Nothing. Poor me.

Snack: I had a small cup of green smoothie

Dinner: The kids call this breakfast stir fry. It would have been completely satisfying but I didn't get enough. I was in a huge hurry and was worried I didn't make enough for everyone so I skimped, you know how moms are. I have lots of  peppers in the garden so I try to use them up as much as possible.

I cubed some organic potatoes and fried them up in a little coconut oil until tender. I added chopped sweet bells and onion and added it to the potatoes along with some cubed zucchini. I again sauteed them until all were tender but not mushy. I added a couple crumbled slices of bacon for some flavor, garlic powder, sea salt and pepper. The eggs were scrambled and cooked separately and then added together for the flavors to mix. I have done this and just added the raw eggs right with the cooked potatoes and peppers and it works fine, just not as pretty.I put some avocado slices on the side and served with a topping of Chalula sauce. The kids had fruit and toast as well. It is a quick dinner in a pinch or a great breakfast.

Tonight I am planning on a big, filling dinner. You will like it. There is a little bit of cheating to it (just in preparation, not in cheating on the diet) but with ball games every night and preschool in the day, I am entitled. Tune in tomorrow. 


Toby said...

Thanks for sharing your day-to-day experiences! It is certainly helping in my own journey!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, thank you sooooo much for doin these posts! It is so motivating, helpful, and informative. Many well wishes on your impending surgery!