Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Natural Healing Stories

Yesterday I talked to a couple women who have had years and years of health issues. They wouldn't accept drugs as the answer. They didn't give up when one avenue didn't yield results. They read, researched, applied and persevered. They are heros and they are healthy.

I admire such strong women. It is hard. Really hard. Especially since we have to care for so many around us. We often put ourselves last but we pay the price. After the many stories I hear of natural healing, there is always one thing in common. ALWAYS. It is food. Plain and simple. We heal through food.

My sweet friend Katie has had Rheumatoid Arthritis since she was little. It is painful and makes life much less enjoyable. It gets worse as you get older and can come with many other unfavorable problems. It is a sign that things are wrong in your body. So many will just accept that you have it and have to live with it. Many Dr.'s will have you believe that but Katie wouldn't accept it. She went to work. She cleaned up her diet and did Candida treatments. She took supplements and ate a clean diet but she still wasn't having the results she was looking for. She had had enough and bought a book about a cleansing diet for arthritis. It was hard but she followed it to the very letter of it. She had allergy tests to see what foods where causing her inflammation and stayed away from inflammatory foods in general; eggs, dairy, soy, sugar, wheat. Katie was beaming yesterday. She feels amazing. She dropped 15 pounds in a matter of weeks, which she didn't need to to begin with. She exercises without pain. Her stomach is happy. She doesn't crave sugars or bad foods. Her stomach is healing. She knows that if she didn't make these changes, her path of health would have been a steady downfall.

With her knowledge, she recognizes health issues in her children that she might have not realized before. She has made changes in their lives that will probably prevent them from suffering many future health issues. 

I had an email from another friend, Heidi, who has contacted me over the years with various health issues. She did all the basics like Katie did at first which are all necessary steps. She kept digging. She wouldn't accept her current state. Here is her email she sent:

" After spending 8 years in bad health and doing every kind of cleanse,gluten free diet, and going down every other health avenue you can imagine. Including go after candida. I am finally to my answers. Mercury poisoning. I started a very aggressive chelation protocol and miracles I am almost completely better. I have found a very interesting relationship between persistent candida and mercury toxicity. As I have gotten rid of the mercury, the candida has gone away on it's own. I'm sure you know all about it. Your body uses yeast as a defense for the mercury. Anyway. This has truly been a miracle for me and my whole family. My husband is an orthodontist and was always taught that mercury fillings are completely safe. He was the one after reading recent studies and new research that suggested i have my fillings replaced. That was months ago. I was tested and my results where really high. I can't believe the change in my life. I would never want anyone to suffer as I have. I had constant insomnia. Most nights I was lucky to get 2 hours. I tried every herb and treatment out there. Seen over 50 drs and naturopaths. Mayo clinic thoroughly evaluated me. I had to live on terrible sedatives just to get a couple hours of sleep. I had terrible reactions to these drugs. I had burning in my joints as well as burning and tingling in my muscles hands and feet.

Anyway. Maybe you can use this info to help someone else. Thanks for all u do. Keep it up!! 

What a great story, Heidi! That took years of digging and research to get where she is today but I can only imagine the change she has in her life now after nights of great sleep.

There is Clarissa who suffered M.S. but didn't take the Dr.'s answers for drugs and a lifelong sentence of symptoms. She completely changed her diet with gluten, dairy and sugar free and she is happy and healthy today. She has been on the news and counsels many others. she is a powerhouse and a role model for the MS world. 

My friend, Laurri, had called me about her son, Matthew who was going to need surgery for his sleep apnea from enlarge tonsils. She didn't want him to have to go through it if there were any other answers. She took him off dairy, added in some supplements and here is what she emailed me last week:

"Oh BTW, the ENT a few weeks ago cleared Matthew of sleep apnea. He said that Matthew looked so good and that whatever it was, it was not worth doing surgery at this point."

I love these women! They do the work even when it is hard. They are an inspiration to me. They are so much stronger than I am and make me want to step it up!

I know there are answers out there for everyone. We can find them if we work hard and don't give up. We can pray for inspiration. We will be guided. It won't be easy and it may not come quickly but it can happen. 

Thanks for the inspiration. I need to clean up my act.
If you have a  natural healing story to share, please email me. It is inspiring and we all need to learn from eachother. You never know who is out there looking for answers. You could be an answer to prayers.



Kate said...

I'm so excited to be spotlighted on your blog! Last night I started thinking that I should clarify to you that I am still on Enbrel. I used to have pain and inflammation even on it. My doctor was always on me to add Methotrexate to the Enbrel. Once I cut the foods my food allergy test pointed out and added more veggies, (I eat a big salad everyday) my inflammation left. As my stomach heals, I'm hoping to be able to be medication free eventually. I feel like I'm on the road to victory. The choices I've made so far have given me some control over my body which I haven't had for 26 years! That is an amazing feeling. I wish a doctor would've mentioned something about food to me many years ago but no one said a word. That's why I'm so happy to share my story- thanks Shari :)

Oasis Verde Ward said...

So inspirational! Thank you for sharing! I wondered if Laurri would share her contact info? I would love to talk with her about what she has done for her son, as my son has some of the same issues as his.

Oasis Verde Ward said...

Oops.....this is Melissa von Lutzow. I don't know why our ward blog is coming up....:)