Monday, September 10, 2012

Low on energy?

I get lots of emails from tired mama's. Of course, we are all a little tired. Really, we deserve to be. But, sometimes we feel a little extra tired, the kind of tired that seems a little out of the ordinary. 

There are reasons, of course. Many times it is lack of sleep but many times, our bodies are off in certain areas. Ruling out illness, here are a few things that can help with the energy level you may be seeking:

B complex! HUGE for energy. I take a couple every morning. It is like my morning cup of Joe. B vitamins work at the cellular level to sort of pump them up to do their various functions. It is really important to get enough B the older we get as it helps with hormonal functions and heaven knows, we get a little off in this area with age! Stress depletes the B vitamins so just in case any of you have some of that, take some B's! They are cheap and well worth every dollar! Get a good quality brand so your body can maximize the goodness. You can also get a liquid B12 which is super important for so many functions in the body. 

D3. The immune system needs D3 to run smoothly. So does about every other function in the body. So many are running low on their D3 but don't even know it. You can read a great article by Dr. Russell Blaylock here about the vital importance of this vitamin. Once again, if you are feeling exhausted, you may need an extra boost in your d3. You can get a $25 blood test to check your levels here as well. It should be routine at your physical. Ask if it isn't. 

Yeast. I could go on and on about what yeast/candida can do to a body but you can google my blog for more information on that. You don't need a vaginal yeast infection to have yeast; a common misunderstanding. Yeast shows up in our joints, our skin, our brain function, etc. It can certainly make you feel tired and sick. If you crave sugar and carbs, you probably have yeast. Get rid of it. It is an epidemic with our diets in America. There are several ways to combat yeast but it isn't an overnight process. 

Iron. Many of us are low in iron. Anemia will definitely cause you to feel completely fatigued and full of lead. Get your greens in. Spinach and the dark leafy greens are a great source of iron. Drink a good green smoothie in the morning to pump those veins full of vitamins and minerals. Drink another in the afternoon to keep it all going. Taking supplements are great but nothing will ever replace real food. 

Sugar. Stop indulging in this killer. It feeds the cancer cells. It destroys your immune system. It will send you quickly into a state of fatigue after the sugar high hits. After eating sugar, I have about 2 hours before I tank. Try to limit this as best as you can. There are so many reasons to get it out of your system. It just tastes so good, unfortunately. 

Take care of yourselves, ladies. The world needs us to be healthy. We need energy and vitality so we can serve others and be happy. Don't wait for illness to strike before you make some changes. 

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The Lees said...

My "testimonial": When I was running regularly, for about a year it wasn't getting any easier. I would get a few miles in and spend the rest of the day exhausted. After I started taking B Complex, huge difference! I finally was able to improve my time and distance and have energy throughout the day. I love it.