Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 9.

The world was trying to sabotage me today. But day 9, I did conquer. I came out of it with cute red toes and a red pencil skirt. The dessert.

I enjoyed a lovely breakfast of coconut crepes with unsweetened apple sauce as the filling. It didn't need anything else.

I then went to my grandparents house to visit and they promptly served me a glass of OJ. I told them thanks, but I am not eating or drinking citrus right now. After explaining that one to them, a few times, they pulled out the four separate containers of Costco sweets. Cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies, etc. I explained that I am not eating sugar, dairy or gluten as well. As with most people, they said, "then what do you eat!" There is more than sugar, gluten and dairy in this world. 

By the time I got home, I was starving. I am still amazed how hungry I get right now. I do eat my fill at breakfast but it just goes through me so quickly. I am adjusting to needing to eat a lunch. I walked in the door and found a cute note from my daughters friend on the counter with a donut for me. Lovely. How dare she. I promptly put the donut out of site and made a BLT as fast as I could. I ate it, rather inhaled it and that was that. 

Now, I had promised my little boys that we would have a date night as papa bear has taken the two oldest boys to hike the Grand Canyon. They wanted Macaroni Grill. They have gluten free pasta. It would work. Wrong call for sure. Totally disappointed.

I was mentally prepared to not have their amazing bread. I usually pound down a loaf myself. They gave me a allergy menu and as suspected, I knew I was going to have the marinara sauce dish. However, the only GF pasta they had was penne. Not my favorite with marinara. How hard is it to also carry spaghetti noodles? Really. I ordered it with a vinaigrette side salad. 

It came and I couldn't even put my fork through it. It was more than al dente. It was barely even cooked. I sent it back and it came back slightly less crunchy but horrible none the less. The sauce tasted like water and the noodles were thick and chalky. I told them to take it away and I would just eat my unappetizing side salad. Going out to eat isn't easy dairy and gluten free. I am starting to feel bad for those who have to live like this all the time. I am a foodie and I love to go out to eat for date night. The options are limited and why in the world can't they figure out how to make it taste good as well? 

I came home and ate my old stand by, an apple and peanut butter. 

I thought about what I would eat If I could eat anything. The first thing that came to my mind was a sweet potato. I wanted that more than the donut, more than a good dish of pasta or the hot loaf of bread. Crazy. Unfortunately, I was out of sweet potatoes so the apple had to do. 

I am surprising myself at how the thought process has changed. You can treat yourself by something other than food. My dessert today was getting my toes painted, picking out a cute pencil skirt that looks great on my more slender frame ( hope it stays for a little while) and having Jayme squeeze me in for a hair cut. I even took a 1 hour nap today. I haven't had a nap since the 90's. A day of indulgence. I should have worked out and cleaned the showers. Oops. 

I am going out again tomorrow night. It's pretty rare for a girl like me to go out two nights a week but with the honey gone, I am partying it up. I will make a better choice this time. I need some flavor! 

If you have a good recipe to pass my way, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email.I am going to need a few for the next few weeks! 

On to day 10. Can you believe it? I'll make sure to have a recipe and some pictures for you tomorrow. Stand by.


kami said...

Shari there is an awesome gluten free restaurant in Tempe. I can't remember the name but its an Italian restaurant and it is SO good. Not sure how itd work doing dairy free too but you should try it out.

Anonymous said...

You can do this Shari!!! Great to hear of your strength! Way to go friend. I hope you put up a picture of yourself in your new red pencil skirt...:)

Pricilla said...

My favorite book lately is Green Smoothie Girl's new 8 week menu plan. It has weekly menus, shopping lists and recipes all in one little spiral bound book. I have loved almost all the recipes so far and it would be very easy to make it GF and milk free. Most of the recipes already are and they remind me of the types of recipes you share on your blog. Thanks for sharing your journey, it is very inspiring.

Shari Goodman said...

I will order her book! I have a couple of her other ones but didn't know about that one yet. Thanks for the info.