Thursday, April 1, 2010

30 days no sugar....check.

How did you all do , my sugar free mama's? Who made it? Even if you did it for 2 weeks, I commend you. It was tough. Here is my report:

The first two weeks were difficult. I missed my date night treats. I hated thinking about every single thing that went into my mouth. When you think about going sugar free, you think you are just going to miss out on the desserts but, there is so much more. Sauces, fresh squeezed lemonade, dressings, muffins, etc. I had to think about it all. I was tired of applesauce on my pancakes instead of whipped cream with a little sugar and fruit. I missed my altoids. Sugar was in all the little things that I didn't even think about.

I dreamed about chocolate a few times. I thought about it all the time. I began to realize that it wasn't sugar per say that was a problem for me, it was chocolate. I could live without any other treat, but chocolate is important. I thought about the day I could eat it again and couldn't wait for my big night out to eat some chocolate decadence.
The night came, my husband asked me where I wanted to go to get a treat. Then, what came out of my mouth shocked me to my very core. I didn't really feel like a treat. Hugh? What??? I had dreamed about it, craved it, longed for it. Then, 30 days no chocolate and I really didn't care. Weird.

The next night we did go out, I had a little Gelato. I realized that it didn't really mean much to me. I had some dessert at a family party but same thing, the taste wasn't the same. I had lost my sweet tooth. I never had a big sweet tooth but I never would pass up a dessert at a party. My daughter made delicious chocolate cookies and after one bite, I was done.

I felt great for the 30 days. No head aches, no sugar lows. The best part was that I had no cramps with my monthly visitor. No backache. That never happens. Like I have said, I don't indulge in treats too often but I didn't realize how much sugar is in the little things that I didn't even think about. Even the better sugars. It was an eye opener. I am glad I did it. I hope you are glad too. If you didn't do it, give it a try. Even for 2 weeks. Hmmmm, whats the next challenge?

Now, I am composing a very lengthy lecture to post on Monday, if all goes well. It is my obsession, my passion. It is the problem that is plaguing the world. It is in your family, it is making you sick. Your Doctor doesn't know about it (most likely) and you must be in control of it. Get ready to get an ear full. I have been studying about this for a few years and feel like I am ready to preach and answer every question. Better yet, I can help you fix it. Stay tuned.

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RPH said...

Oh boy, I cant wait for Mondays post! I am anxiously waiting....

And I wish we could do Green Bee. I get the Bountiful Baskets organic basket, but is doesnt have much in it. In fact, I just picked it up on Saturday and everything is already gone except a few leaves of lettuce.

you are my hero Shari.

kamille said...

i am proud to say that i actually did really well! i did not have any refined sugar for the whole month. i thought it would be a lot harder, but it wasn't too bad. i did have honey or pure maple syrup from time to time, but i really did not indulge in that either. i had some sugar today and it didn't even taste good - and i got a headache and tummy ache right after. this will definitely be a new way of life for me...i don't want that sugar anymore! thanks for challenging me!

Alisha and Josh said...

I did it for the whole month too! I feel the same as you with chocolate- I missed it something terrible! But it is not as I needed to hop to it today and eat my weight in sugar- it didn't mean that much to me. I am happy that I did it- i became more aware of what I was putting into my body and I even lost weight!! Great challenge :)

DK said...

I too will be anxiously awaiting Mondays post... Deena

Tosha said...

I am experimenting with raw cocoa, cocoa butter and maple syrup crystals for the perfect no sugar chocolate.

Shari Goodman said...

OOh, please share when you have it down!