Friday, April 16, 2010

shipment received today

The first shipment of yeast products are in so email me to set up a pick up time.
The kids drops are still on back order until the end of the month unless you were one of the lucky out of state gals. Your items will all be shipped out on Monday.


S and B H. said...

What kind of sunblock do you use or recommend? I also need to get some coconut oil...can I do that through you?

Shari Goodman said...

I use as little sunscreen as possible. I only put it on my kids if we are at the beach or a place where we will be out for a long period of time. New Beginnings has a sunscreen without the harmful chemicals called Soleo Organics. I am not sure if you can get it elsewhere but I would think so. It isn't cheap, $24 for the tube but I would use it on a baby for sure. I don't plan on doing a bulk coconut oil order right now but the Tropical Traditions gold label is my favorite and you can get it off Amazon for a good price. I recommend the gallon size. It lasts for a long time and is a great lotion as well!