Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Job charts

For some reason lately, the issue of kids and chores has come up several times. My friend, Mary, sent me this little tid bit of info and testimonial. Check it out! It is totally free!

"Shari- This little site ( has changed the way we work! my 7 and 5 year old love logging on each day to see what their tasks are and how many points they earned that day. It's fun, it's simple and surprisingly our kids stay motivated!

We have customized pictures and points for each child of the rewards they are working towards such as, date with dad, movie tickets or a new toy. We have noticed less whining because our kids know what is expected of them.

We have tried everything and nothing seems to stick! Finally we have found something that we can be consistent with (because our kids reminds us) as our kids grow. If you value work and teaching your kids responsibility, as i know you do, you will LOVE!"


***Now, if only I could get my 16 year old to think this would be fun. I think I have to resort to withholding car keys at this point.

Thanks for the tip, Mary!

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johnson six said...

I love this!! great idea, especially great for general around the house stuff. I have found one thing that works like magic for the kids rooms (even my 15 yr old!). We have a deal that if their room is clean and bed is made when they leave for school they get no chores after school, but if not they still have to do their room and bed when they get home plus an extra chore (usually whatever I didn't get to on my list) Of course they still have their dish night, and or dinner night and weekend chores, but this has worked great.
I also use extra chores for kids who don't treat siblings kind. :)