Monday, February 25, 2008

Artzy Blogger - Creating Unique Header Graphics

Artzy Blogger - Creating Unique Header Graphics

This website is my sister-in-laws, Wendi who made my header. She is so creative and for a great price will make a header for you, any style. Check out her web page above.

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Beth said...

hi! my name is beth goodman and i found you through tracey. what a wonderful blog you are putting out there! i am really enjoying your posts. i was a personal trainer for 7 years and am now at home with my 2 little ones. both my girls have had eczema and i have always listened to the docs and used creams. i never even thought it might have something to do with their diet or an allergy. thanks for the info and please keep up your blog.
my 9 month old is just starting to have eczema. what would you recommend doing with her diet?
My email is i understand if you don't have time to respond.